When do I get promoted to “Member” instead of “Basic”?

So I’ve met all the requirements for discourse to advance to the member status of the forums, but still remain basic. I was just wondering how everything works as far as that. Any and all info is greatly appreciated, always :grin:


I wish I knew, everyone asks. I do know that the more likes, responses , and posts help your status. Also checking in daily for X amount of days in a row makes you “regular”, but so does eating lots of fiber!!!


It’s based on number of posts: overall activity is what the software looks like.

I just bumped you up to ‘Member’.


Awesome! Thank you :grin: @Myfriendis410


I wondered that same thing… I have gotten on here every day for a pretty long time and through one entire grow and half way through the second one and I remain a basic user as well I believe

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Thank for the laugh…nice one


Hi there is there anyway you could do the same for me please. Just posted a second grow journal but doesnt seem to be active like the first one.



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You’re all set.

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So is member status a by request thing? It would be nice to edit my original post for my journal to update equipment and stuff.

@Maddthumb :point_up::point_up:
The more you interact and post , the quicker the next level is reached.


Yea I was thinking I was pretty active.

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:man_shrugging:I’m Not sure where the levels are.
Let’s tag one of the higher ups.

@Myfriendis410 Think you’ve been here before. Could you help @Maddthumb with his concerns ? Lil Over my head. :wink:

He’ll see the tag and be along my friend. :+1:
Happy growing. :pray:

After a certain amount of time you won’t be able to edit any posts. If you identify them and tag me I can deal with it for you (or any other Mod).

Not really sure how the software deals out ‘Member’ status although is based on read time, post time and visit time. Keep doing what you’re doing and it will update.

As a for instance: here’s some of my stats to compare.


  • 1.6k days visited

  • 60d read time

  • 1d recent read time

  • 12.9k topics viewed

  • 230k posts read

And I really do have a life, honest! haha

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Yes I understand. I just wanted to update my intial post on my journal to reflect all the equipment changes ect. That I have made since starting the grow. I think its getting past the 30 days though so at this point not sure the member status would even effect it. Thanks for the info.

If I was to copy my initial post make all the changes and add it as a reply and then tag you would you be able to replace it with the new post?

Honestly I thought mine showed no real life but yours is crazy. Lol

Didn’t realize it was as easy as asking a mod. @Myfriendis410, can you bump me to Grand Poobah?