When do I cut my losses with aphids?

Hi - first time grower here with an aphid problem. I’ve tried treating with neem oil, and then with a soybean / sodium laureate diluted solution, removing the infested branches, DE for like 1.5 weeks.

They still seem to be spreading and I’m about 4 weeks into flowering.

I’m tempted to cut my losses and destroy the plants.

I’d appreciate any guidance.

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Spray them off with water
Shake out your buds

If it rained on them it be the same thing

The water spraying from a hose or pressure sprayer will kill them when it hits their bodies and knock them off the plant
They are too stupid to find their way back
This is a slow moving very stupid pest

Keep checking every hour or few to repeat
Water can get rid of them

Or here’s another solution I’ve use and it worked great and this is safe to spray on buds up to the day of harvest

You could also get pest predators like minute pirates bugs and lacewing larve overnighted to your house and release them successfully and the aphids will be dead

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Or find some praying mantises. They’re bad ass.


Yes those
Lady bugs
Jumping spiders
Long legged flies
Regular spiders

Lots of natural predators of those pests

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3-6% h202 solution in between and multiple times in soft light times ( outdoor I can only assume? ) the neem sprays , then as the other fullas mentioned start up a bio war for next grow , don’t give up don’t let em win mate. Little lizards and gekos also help , I use them instead of benefit bugs indoors. Also worth mentioning and again if you already know sorry , do a bud wash after harvest or you will have extra protein in your buds :wink:

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Iv’e been using those yellow sticky sheets. It has been keeping them under control.
May or may not help depending on how many you have.

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