When do I change to bloom

My plants here are into week 3 and I am concerned even though they look great they don’t seen to be big enough (on my own belief) to change the transition to flower. Should I keep the light at 18 hours even if I pass the 4 week period?

When you want and its up to you, you flip to 12/12 and in about 2 weeks or so they will start to flower. It just depends on how big you want them to get before flipping to flower.
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Thanks Will.
So it would be ok for them to stay on 18/6 for another couple of weeks so they get bigger?? Thanka for your help.

Yup, you can keep them in veg pretty much as long as you want to, to get them to get as big as you need them to be.

I think Latewood said there are studies from the UK, that with some equatorial sativas, the longer the veg might mean a longer flower until being finished. But otherwise I haven’t never really heard of any problems with increasing the veg period, after all, there are many clone mothers that might be many years old and are basically kept in a continuous vegetative grow season. Some special apples are from cuttings/clones that mean the original mother tree, if still alive, would be hundreds of years old. I don’t know if you can keep a mother marijuana cloning project from the one original mother for hundreds of years, but maybe.

Hey I see you’re plants doing well great job I have a question did u get you’re SEEDS from ilgm or u just asking them for help for you’re plants

I got mine from Australian seed bank which is tied up with Amsterdam seed bank. Found this forum and have found it quite useful.

So u NEVER heard of ilgm I love growing marijuana

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Never. Found it by accident. But now my mates reckon its all a set up and that. So I think I’m out…!!!

What do you mean by set up…what’s wrong Chappy …I to have bought seeds from Amsterdam seed bank.
But I don’t understand what’s going on ?


Although I don’t grow at my own home I am concerned authority’s will track down all these photos and proof of growing and come to my home and in turn follow me to my friends house which would then cause problems.

Got ya…There is a write up
Here ya go I found it. It’s by Robert…Hope it helps


Jun '13

Hi Guys,

THis has probably been discussed before but i couldn’t find it that quick. All digital cameras, including those on smartphones, store something called EXIF data in the photo. It stores lots of things like shutter/aperture, ISO setting, what lens/focal length you used, whether flash was used (the exact features depend on your camera). But beware if you have a digital camera or smartphone with a GPS reciever! Now this is often a useful thing as well, as you get maps when you are travelling - but the camera software often also stores the location of your photo in the EXIF data.

Worst case scenario is that you have a huge farm and a nice marijuana growing operation going on. It will be easy for authorities to locate your grow area from just one picture. If you live in a city it’s less of a problem because GPS is accurate within 10 to 50 feet.

Some websites like facebook wipe it automatically when you upload pictures. I’m going to look in to the possibilities to delete the exif data automatically as well.

How to delete exif data?

-Switch off geotagging

-Remove the exif data with software (i always use easy exif delete)

-Make print screen of the picture

-Or use a camera without GPS receiver…

Any other ideas?



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