When do I change fertilizers from nitrogen, to p k booster?


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I have a autoflowering pineapple express and it put out hairs at 3 weeks and a week more it is forming colas, when do I change fertilizers from nitrogen, to p k booster? Thanks for any help, Dennis


I would start adding all bloom nutes right now mate as soon as the per-flower starts thats the white hairs that you see so add in those bloom nutrients from now on :v:️.


can I add this to feeding? Its anough? Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


Im not sure about the NPK ratio you should be using but it does have a higher P and K which is definitely used for flowering :wink:, let me see if I can get you another opinion on this for you @HvtAna1988 :v:️, if you need anything else please feel free to ask. @MattyBear @Covertgrower any advice folk’s…?


I agree with @Johnzy81 it is used for flowering, is there any other form of nitrogen that you’ll be adding separately? @HvtAna1988
If so, add the nitrogen numbers together, so you know how much she’s getting. Otherwise you should be fine.


Ooo! Thanks…! Thats why I thought that I could use it…becase of that P K high ratio


I was thinking to stop other feedings and let my firl with this ratio only… if that is enough, at least for the beginning. I was giving her till now NPK - 7-5-5-


*girl not firl… sorry :))


That last post with the NPK ratio at 7-5-5 would be more off a veg mix with the Nitrogen been the highest number on it @HvtAna1988 if you need any opinions please just ask and il be willing to try help for sure :v:️.


Yes, I used low ratio when she was vegging! Right! Thank you, thank you very much for all your answers! Respect, Ana