When do I add fertilizer to my Girl Scout Cookies

From a fellow grower: I’ve planted one Girl Scout Cookie Autoflower in an eight gallon bucket containing ‘Fox Farm Ocean Forest’ soil. How many weeks before I will need to add fertilizer.

FFOF is a hot soil, you won’t need to add nutes for 4-6 weeks, you can monitor PPM, or read the plants to know exactly when.

Good luck!


I assume it’s started flowering? With 8 gallon pots for autoflowers you won’t “need” to feed it for awhile, but you can help fatten up the buds by feeding them. Many products. Mammoth, Rock Resinator, Fox Farms Bembe, etc. I’m sure others have their preferences.

Thank you much. I’ve set the lights for 19 hours on. Should I leave it that way for the entire grow process of the autoflower?

Thank you for the Tips. Not flowering yet, soon. Should I leave the lights at 19 hours on during the autoflower’s flower stage.

You can leave them at 19 hours if you want but they will do fine with less. There is at least one member on this forum who grows them 12/12 from seed with great results.

Cool. You’ve been great.