When do i add cal mag and molasses they r a week old


Not until they’re well into veg.


I’d say wait til atleast the first true set of leaves start to pop at the soonest. Now u have city’s. Next u’ll have single leafs pop out then the first set of true leaves. This is when I would start to feed as the roots should be established and ready to start to work. On food I’d prolly wait a while depending on the medium if soil and it’s a loaded soil 3 to 6 weeks depending on how much u water them. Good luck and welcome.

Most good cannabis soils have plenty of calcium and magnesium to last a plant until it gets to flowering. I wouldn’t worry about molasses until the plant is mature. All molasses does is feed the healthy microbes with sugars, of which there will be plenty of as well in new soil.

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Molasses is usually used to feed microbes and also during flower. Calmag is not a cure all or necessity. It depends on what is in your medium and the nutrients used.


This will help people get to know your grow. Welcome

6 more weeks maybe