When do flowers turn to buds

when do flowers turn to buds?

Flowers are buds bud :wink:

thanks bud. you probably couldn’t tell, but i’m a newbie. when do flowers actually start looking like buds? i have a dozen feminised growing indoors. approx 3 feet tall. appear to be ok. about 4 months since germination. 12 on 12 off with lights. dont see many flowers. am i just being impatient?

Yup possibly. First 2-3 weeks they ‘transition’ so when did you flip the lighting?

Everywhere u see white hairs (pistils) are preflowers. Calyx will form. N grow into beautiful buddery. Do u have any photos?


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@PurpNGold74 is absolutely spot on. You can take his description to the bank! Lol

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Well, they’re not wrong lol

U can see very few pistils starting up. Not quite preflowers. But defo getting startd! How long have u been in flower?

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i have no idea when flowering began or what to look for. you mentioned preflowers - does that mean i haven’t started flowering? again i’m a newbie, so be patient and kind. lol.

Should know next time jot down a journal or take pic from seed then when in pre flower just my 2 cents @Winlun2

Very faint. N i had to triple check make sure not stipules. If u can. Get close ups of those top smaller areas. As detaild as ur cam allows. And it looks to be indoors. U cant remember when u changed the lighting?

Seeds germinated in early May. Put into pots outside in late May. Brought inside July 26th.

With such small amout of white pistils, I would say MAYBEEEE a few days. From this point, you have about 7-10 weeks before harvest depending on strain, growing conditions and other environmental factors.

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You are correct bud :wink:

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