When do change or wash filter

I have a vivosun 6ich inline fan. Well the white thing that goes around the carbon filter is getting dingy. Can I just washing wash it or do I replace it. How long do they last?

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Just wash it. Finish a grow, part of cleaning up the tent between grows, start a new grow.


Thanks man just didn’t wanna bogg it down lol. New grower man thanks.

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I just want to add, mine didn’t handle the washing machine very well, and I ended up buying a new one.
If I do it again, I’ll hand wash and hang dry.


I use dawn liquid soap and warm water, hand wash, hang dry

You should wash your precleaner monthly if using it. You can’t clean the actual filter though. Only the precleaner. Which is used in your configuration. In the configuration I use it’s unusable. It will be the first to clog to of you do use it. I blow through my filter. So the precleaner would actually hurt my flow if I had it on. There would be no point in trying to blow through a pre filter after it goes through the main. Which is what would happen if I used the pre in my configuration