When can you transplant seedlings

When can you transplant seedlings from the propagation dome to the grow tent under 600 watt LEDs? I can’t let the autos roots hit the sides again that made them bloom prematurely at like a foot tall. It seems the photos manage just fine unless too tall so root lock won’t cause the same problems with them.

Autos begin to bloom around the 4th week no-matter what they are in. The best time to transplant is when the leaves reach the sides of the propigator. If its a dixie cup, then the sides ifbthe dixie cup. Usually after 1st week before end of 2nd for me. Best way with auto’s is to plants the seed in its forever home.


Cool thanks I guess I’ll go ahead and move the autos now. Should I leave the photos in the dome until second set of true leaves or move them with their first set with the autos?

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Wait till they are through the seedling phase to remove dome

Day 14 is when i transplant