When can I turn on “bloom” mode on my light?

Hey everyone. Like the title mentions, I have a Viper Spectra light. It has a veg switch and a bloom switch. My Autoflowering gorilla glue plants are 5 weeks old today. I’ve only been using the veg switch. Haven’t turned on Bloom yet. I’ve read that Autos aren’t that picky for light so I was wondering if I should just turn it on now or wait yet?

They look healthy to me right now so I wasn’t sure if I should risk it by giving them more light power. What do you all think?

I would run them both now as she has preflowers now. :+1:


give them as much light as you can

Alright I’ll start blasting all the light at them veg and bloom. I have my light hanging about 30 inches up. I wonder if I should lower it still. They aren’t stretching, but it’s 3/4ths through the day and the one on the right of that image looks like it’s still reaching up to the light like it wants more yet.

lower it a little at a time, watch the upper leaves for any change