When can I start the flowering stage& how long will it take?

My plants are 4 months old, about 4 1/2 ft high, in tent 2m x 2m x 2m with 600w HSP, I have a time limit to clear the roo, around 8 weeks, is this enough time to get big buds?

what strain? they all have different lengths in flower but if you are in a rush start 12/12 now get some Bud Blood or Kool bloom they both trigger faster flowering use only for first week after 1 week change to 11/13 the shorter light period will help speed things up following week go to 10/14 and stay at 10/14 on average these 2 tricks can shave around 10 days off flower length I’m sure if we knew strain medium more info you will get more advise and ideas

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Thanks Donald,

I think they were white widow fem.
I have flower booster & Mass booster, should I just use the flower booster?
I have a 600w HSP that is higher in the red spectrum
I also have a water mister that comes on for 10 min every 3 hrs

give me a min will see if I can get some others to chime in @Majiktoker @garrigan62

So using Coco as medium ?

To much water in flower could cause grey mold and other things, so that might have to be changed from 10 minutes to 1 minute once a day and my opinion I would just start with the flower booster, and that light should do fine, some one with more experience may jump in as well, but it’s good to intake all the info you can get as with these guys you’ll never go wrong

I’m right behind you Donald lol I don’t lag far behind

@MacGyverStoner Mac any tips for speeding up flower?

Lol wouldn’t have pulled you in if I didn’t think you’d have some sound input Will isn’t feeling to hot today or he may be here too

I’m here so whats up mold problem ?


Thanks guys, this is a great site, just joined the grow club.
I dont want to complicate the matter, but I do have an option open to move the plants to out door setting.
This may upset the flowering plan.

No just potting mix

Yea I understand but I’m on a good roll today lol and to further speed it up at the last week you can move the lights to a 9 hour on and 15 hour off schedule, MacG may have a different perspective on that, but thats ok if he inputs on this conversation honestly hoping he does lol, hes got more experience and could further tell you, also the more the red light the more the chlorophyll is absorbed this chart may possibly help

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Sorry Will just flower accelleration

Ok so white widow in soil mist watering think got better picture now are you using any kind of nutrients or organic soil mix?

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I just got the hang of that lol do you have it from here donald?

Yeah, I would jump to a 11 hour day/13 hour night right away to accelerate things a little. And then yes, I have no problem dropping it to about 10/14 the last couple weeks, and then maybe even 9/15 the last week.


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Atleast we are on the same page for 9/15 in the last week

Yes i wouldnt move them outdoor leave them indoor as you dont want to put them through environmental stress as that will affect your yeild if I’m not mistaken

The mix has slow release nuts, am also using grow booster