When can i LST?

From a fellow grower: Today is the 22nd day in the Tent. When do you suggest that I LST?

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I started training my ladies after I Fim’d and I did that when they got to 6 nodes. Fim than give them a week to recover than you can begin LST. You can check out the guides in the top right corner also, I believe it is under advanced techniques! Good Luck and happy growing!

Start lst when they are tall enough to do so… has to have enough there to bend it down.
You dont have to fim or top to do lst.
I start lst when they are 8" tall or around there.

So when the top is tall enough to bend it over go for it. And keep tape on hand. I prefer electrical tape. If an accidental break happens just tape it together and it will heal.

plants are looking great so far.

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I start LST right after the seedling stage is over :slight_smile:

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I tried 3 different ways of lst on last 3 plants. One I tried to super crop then hook to bucket and it knuckled up good but as it kept getting taller I tried to super crop again and 2 of old knuckles broke so I filled the crack in knuckle with gel from vitamin e capsule and it healed so finally hit my brain it was dominate sativa and I let her get tall. My other mystery seed plant I tried topping and then pulling to side of bucket and as branches got big enough I pulled them down and out and hooked in dirt with huge paper clips I bent and when long enough attached to bucket worked great but ran out of places to hook down, 3rd super silver haze fem I topped her then also fimmed branches to fill her out then topped 2nd time to keep height down but ended up with a jungle and where I topped twice it got very woody quick so was hard to keep thinned out enough for air to get thru. This time I’m starting as soon as it’s out of seedling stage and ready to go into 5 gal bucket, I’m starting it in ground off to one side and pulling her over going towards other side and continue to do that as it grows. I’ve seen it and think ill like but we’ll see. You may have to try different ways till you get one you’re comfortable with. Good luck and happy growing if you have questions you can tag me at @Amazon66 and if I can’t help I know a lot of people we can ask