When can I harvest my plant?

Question from a a fellow grower:

at u think about my plant is it ready to harvest I have it outside plant in the flier but it rained last week can it affect them

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Looking like it just started flowering you have a while yet.

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Looks too early. If you have a jewlers loupe you can look at the trichomes under magnification. I am gonna attach some literature to help you out a little.

The trichomes are going to tell you when depending on the high you want. The more clear the trichomes the more of a head high. The more amber the more couch lock. There are many other guides on for your reading. And, welcome and keep asking questions

give it a month or two

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Looking good but yea, you got 4-6 weeks. If you haven’t started bloom nutes, now would be a good time. You can shake plant to get most of the rain off, I grow outdoors as well but I don’t shake mine off.

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As @Smokin_ernie said a little while yet check in a couple of weeks.

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No, no … you’re nowhere near harvest. 6 to 8 weeks at the very least.


Ok thanks a lot to u all it’s my first time growing out here in Arkansas i hope the weather don’t mess my plant up

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You probably have 6-8 weeks left.

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Thanks I’ll check in in a couple of weeks

What u mean by started bloom nutes

@speedyloko- Bloom Nutrients. Your girl is maturing and you need to give her extra love to help her produce nice massive, juicy buds.

I use Fox Farm Trio, the bloom nutrient is Tiger Bloom. I used at full strength and never got nute burn, you can start at half or 1/4 strength.

Is it bad if my plant is getting wet While its budds are growing

No more so than any other plant.

Hey guys I have a question the temperature where I live at is dropping to the 40 this week is my plant in danger last week it was the same in its 40 50’s

You should be ok in the 40’s, it’s the 30’s you have to worry about. These plants can do pretty well in low temps, even frost as long as it’s not for too long.

ever known anyone to use a reptile under-the-tank heating pad for warmer roots in colder weather?

I don’t see why not, it’s really just a heating pad. Just make sure you can control the temp, you don’t want to fry your plants.

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oic of course one could use a germination/seedling heat pad… lol

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it was 36 outside last night