When can i clone

I’m in my 3rd week of veg, when can I start to clone

You can clone anytime the branches are big enough to be taken

Some people top a plant first, encouraging side growth, thereby producing more and often bigger cuttings
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I was hoping to use the first topping as the first clone r am I asking too much?

Haha you’re asking a little too much with that one! But it’s a good thought!
Got any pictures though?

Just wondering it’s been awhile since I’ve grown any thing, like almost 20 years … boy has the game changed

Trying to load pics on my phone is driving me nuts

First few pics are today the last is yesterday and I see a new cola on the biggest one

like paranorman said when the branches are big enough to use …but i prefer to wait when can ,for the mother to show her sex first …youll get a more robust plant faster …try both ways side by side and tell me that missed and hit my thumb… lol Hammer

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I agree I take the majority of my cuttings a week or two into flower

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Thanks guys . Here’s a new pic of the day