When can I add the fox farm trio nutes?


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“So I’ve started a new grow attempt and so far things are going well… except a few things. Let me start by explaining were I’m at. So I started a grow of gelato seeds I came across. I saw a video of ilgm and it said miracle grow potting soil for roots and some other soil can be used to start out. That being said, I started the seeds on Sept 22. After sprouting in the pellets, I transplanted to the red cups with the miracle grow potting soil for roots. They seem to be doing fine. However, on the forums someone told me that I should use a different soil. So yesterday, I went to my hydro store and the guy there told me that I can switch to the happy frog, which I did. I transplanted to 1 gallon pots. But really, my question is when can I add the fox farm trio nutes? Because the guy at store told me that from when I transplanted to wait 3 weeks cuz happy frog soil has good nutes in already. But by time weeks pass my plants will be roughly 7 weeks old already and I’m getting confused with what the guy from hydro store told me and what the feeding chart for the trio says. Can you help me please. I don’t want to mess this grow up.”


The guy at the store is right, there are definitely more nutrients in that soil. But the FF trio has an organic food (big bloom) that is safe to feed throughout the whole life cycle. I suppose you could wait a bit after transplanting but I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

Just follow this


I would just watch the plant for signs it’s hungry. The leaves will get a little pale looking and maybe it starts to look a little dusky. Then hit it with half strength and see how it reacts.


The FF has everything you need until the plant is at least 12 " tall. Don’t worry about nutes.


If you could post some pictures that would be awesome we be able to help you a lot more by seeing what you’re dealing with :wink:


I believe that’s the case with FF Ocean Forest, but is it also the case with FF Happy Frog? I thought FFHF was more of a starter soil.


It is a better soil for starting plants but technically it’s not a starter soil. It’s potting mix with a different recipe than FFOF. Really: you should be fine, and she’ll tell you if nutrients are called for.