When are seeds ready

Hello I am doing some breeding. This is my first round. I got some auto flowers preggo and was wondering how long the seeds need to mature? They are still green now. Thanks everyone.


You still have a little ways to go. I would say 3 weeks to a month? They are well on their way to being seeds tho! How long has the plant been flowering for?

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Couple weeks tops really. You wont wanna shuck the whole plant that soon. But those we can see have bursted the calyx. Maybe a week or so there lol

When did you do the deed?

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Woot woot. I just let the plants go til the plants were done and tric ready. The bud will still be good to smoke or exytact so go by that unless u r just going for seeds only and trashing the rest which would be a bit of a waste bit ive seen it done lol