When and why? Flushing?

Okay so I used FF ocean forest floor for my white window autos. Am I going to have to do a flush at some point and if so what exactly does that mean lol I’m kinda freaking out just at the thought lol

are you talking about the sledge hammer? if so, I believe its not technically a flush but its to break down of built up unused nutes. I may be wrong and if i am I apologize. more experienced growers will correct me if I am wrong.

Do you mean during the grow? If so it depends on what nutrients you’re feeding, how much runoff you generally water to, and what your runoff ppm levels are. If you’re talking about flushing your plants at the end the grow before you harvest, then it’s truly up to you. Some people swear the flush is critically important, other people (including Bruce Bugbee) say it’s unnecessary, unless the plants have been overfed.


Cool yeah I’m talking about the flushing at the end before harvest time. Because I know if you get Nutrient lock out you have to flush there’s pretty much no way around it. But this is my first grow and I’m trying to be lite on the nutrition so I won’t have to flush at all hopefully but I may try flushing one of the plants to see if I can tell the difference in the smoke from the other two. I was just concerned about it, seems like a lot of stress to put on the plant if you don’t have to.


Flushing is good for when ur going from veg to flower or if you have nutrient lockout or if you have bad nutrient burn alot of people do a flush before harvesting to get rid of salta built up in the soil but however people seem to think that flushing the last week or two before harvesting will improve there smoke .there has been studies done on this and there is no truth to it you can flush all you want at the end but its not going to help with the final product so they found out with the studies that have been done .so it comes down to personal preference with flushing before harvesting. I hope this helps you

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