When and what to do next?

I have 3 white widow auto at this stage. I’ve had several get the cotyledons and tiny first leaves. Then I killed them. It was accidental cannibicide.

When do I start a light? CFL?

When should they go in dirt? I wanted to do hydroponics but decided to just get adult plants first…before I try that considering my pathetic track record.

They will be indoor. I have a 4x4x8 tent all ready with lights, etc.

Any help ya’ll can offer will be awesome.

@TheScot welcome mate is a great forum an they have a grow bible an great members which will help with any info :slight_smile:
generally if you get a tap root on your seed it is time to plant into medium and use your cfl you have :slight_smile:
good luck :slight_smile:

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If ur doing soil id say carefully rip that rock wool open and plant that bad baby white root down in yhe soil no pressure or anything so u dont break that root. If auto out it in its final home now to save any stress issues. Good luck. Light as soon as u see green sticking above soil. U can use a dome to keep cotys from drying out til u get some good leaves goong.


What is the reason to remove it from the Rockwool? Won’t the roots grow out and I to the soil?

Well u will know which way to plant the tap and u can go a little shallower in the soil with kust the seed with tail. Ull have to bury the whole cube this way. I believe the root system will spread a little faster in the soil itself also

Ok. Makes sense. I’m just curious, not doubting.

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Also, people tend to keep the rock wool too wet. May be why you’ve lost the ones you have


Was gonna just say this plus will rockwool change the ph at all of the soil and throw off the plant. Ive only used rockwool in my hydro bucket


I’ve never used it but have read many many times about it being too wet, holding water. Other than that I don’t know anything about it🤣


That all makes total sense. I’ll get the dirt ready and transfer them. Use a dome for humidity until they have good leaves and keep a journal too. Thank you all!!!

Transplanted the little buggers into 5 gal.grow bags with a light 24 inches above. 3 oz of water and a dome to keep humidity up and buffer temperature changes.

At 24 hours all 3 are very happy and getting their first true leaves.

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I used Coco Loco soil … it is available at the local garden shop

great reference.

Thanks for the help!!! They are about 3 inches tall and just starting to get the second leaves. It is a little cold for them but they are happy!