When and how to use Fox Farm nutrients

I have ordered [Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula: Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom]. I will be using Harvest Organics potting soil from Lowes. It says it includes aged pine bark, perlite and peat moss. It also says it has some time released nutrients but doesn’t say what or how much. My first pot will be a small clay pot. How soon should I start using FF nutrients. I think I am supposed to wait until a few weeks after the seed sprouts? Thanks.

I don’t know that soil so no clue. This is FF soil nutrient schedule.

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That chart is pretty handy. I should have mentioned I ordered autoflower seeds. Will that make a difference? Thanks.

You are going to have trouble with this. Your pH won’t be stable and your plants will get nuked with nutrients every time you water. I’d consider a soil buffered for cannabis such as Fox Farm Happy Frog or Roots Organics.


Harvest Organics Potting Mix is manufactured containing regional organic feedstocks and also contains a certified organic fertilizer that provides additional natural slow release nutrients. We target the pH for + - 6 ideal for all garden plants.

This was what it says on the product page. I think it is odd it doesn’t say what those ingredients are.

Honestly it shouldn’t. I have a seedling in brand new FFOF and its doing fine. A auto plant. But on this soil you don’t need nutrients for about 6 weeks.

If you watch your plants, they will do a show and tell if you have a problem. But time release isn’t a good thing.

I use FFOF also and I usually do not need to feed for the first 8 weeks at least. I wait till I start to see some change in the plant and then begin using nutrients.

Exactly what @fixerpower said.

Just follow that chart, I use 15 mil of the brown stuff and 5mill of the grow per gallon

Just remember if your fan leaves are super dark green then you are over feeding FF nutrients. Made that mistake on my first grow and never noticed till I was showing off pictures to a more experienced grower months after the harvest

So I gotta question I’m pretty confused ?? I got the part were you add the fox farm to the gallon of water but how much of the gallon do add to the plant and then do I also water the plant to

Depends on many factors. Pick of the whole plant would be helpful. :+1:

Excuse my setup lol its rigged

When they are this small, no more than 10ml ay a time. Doesn’t need nutrients for awhile. :+1:

Yeah I know they dont need it yet but I was just asking because I just bought all 3

I would wait 6-8 weeks at least

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