When and how to transfer to Hydroponics

So once I germinate I will pot and grow the plant. At 8 to 12 inches I will be ready to move to the Hey Abby grow box. How do I successfully and gently remove the plant from the soil, without damaging the roots to severely?

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You may want to consider starting in small rockwool cubes instead of soil if the end result is hydroponic as it will make for a much easier trannsition, but it has been done like that before


I used to start them that way @Bearbutt . You just have to be gentle and carefully shake the dirt loose from the roots and gently wash them off. I agree with @Medicineman33 that rockwool cubes are a much better option. I use 4" cubes to start them in now.

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I have done this with tomatoes and its pretty easy if you submerge the whole root mass in water and gently swish the plant around to remove the dirt from the roots.


Can you place a just germinated seed in rock wool?

Once it has a tail, yes. Wet the rockwool cube, squeeze most of the water out in your fist then place seed 1/3" below top. Tear off a piece of the rockwool and set it above the sprout to keep light out.

I put mine in a Solo cup with a bunch of holes in it, mist a clear Solo cup as a dome once a day and keep under 24/0 light schedule. If you have a heat mat, now’s the time to use it.

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Thank you

Holy root wash @Spiney_norman that is an awesome idea i never thought of that cause i really dont like doin hydro that much

Ya you can dig the middle out some if you need to depending how your cubes are made i havent compared any in years