When and how to start LST

I have a single GSC Auto in a 2x2 tent growing in FFHF soil. Current in a 5gal fabric pot and on day 17 I believe.

Question is when and how to start LST training. Plant looks pretty compact and symmetrical. A lot of what I seen and read seems to look like the main stalk is not always strait up and or somewhat curved. So just clarifying how to start the training and assuming now is an appropriate time. Adding photo of her this morning.


When training autos, the sooner the better.

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Soft string,yarn,pipe cleaners, purpose made plant trainers…etc.
Just loosely tie her off to the pot handle, make holes, use stacks.
Start easy and tighten it down as it grows.
Use bamboo skrews or chop sticks in-between braches to widen it out.
Searching this forum has to s of great info!!!

Look up Bill Ward on YouTube. He has many training vids on autos. He’s an easy guy to listen to.
You can also view his follow up video on the same plant & see the results so it makes more sense. Good luck!

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I would just top it and let it ride , she is super healthy, good job buddy nice ! You can tie down the side shoots so they can spread out and allow all the side shoots to grow up into the lights to fill out , if you just film it , you’ll be golden, are top it are just let it go she is doing it , I give it another week and she will start to preflower and stretch like crazy :crazy_face:.

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Thanks Cc_Mo. I’ll check him out.

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@BeezNeez warning: If you’re like me, you’ll get hooked. I subscribed to his channel & watch all his new & old vids. He’s very chill, informative & knowledgeable.
He runs a lot of ILGM seeds too.
He can show you all you need for LST. And like I mentioned, he posts follow up vids so you see the “why” after seeing the “how”.
Keep us posted! Happy growing.

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The video he just posted is a very detailed one on LST

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Thanks all. Watched quite a few today. Great content! Very informative I had no idea it was as rough of a process so seeing it done in video helped out a ton. Ima give it a go tonight and see how it goes. I’ll check out his latest.



I attempted it today for the first time

I use a ton of bill wards tricks as well.

Go to Walmart in their arts and crafts section. They have packages of “fuzzy sticks” that are perfect for LST in 5 gal fabric pots. They come 25 to a pack cost like 95 cents

I use metal spring clips to tie my wire to

Just got done with my first attempt. Struggled a bit with the main cola stem. Definitely need to reassess in a couple days but a bit more spread out now.
Thanks for all the input here.


You will likely tie, untie, reposition, and situate many times before training is through. Once you get her where you want her and she begins to flower drop some silica on her and those branches will harden into place.
I found this Image offsite but it’s a pretty helpful diagram.

1st number is step, second number is pot size (this came from a journal on photoperiod) (side for side view top for top view)
I have not been able to recreate it but I only just started my 3rd grow.

Epsom Salt will do the same as silica !

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i’m watching your journal with interest because you and I are at the same place in our first grow. i am growing a couple of banana kush auto’s. your plant here is just a little taller than mine is but i knew it was getting to be time to start training and having seen yours looking as good as it does after it’s first LST gave me the little push to go ahead and throw a little LST on mine as well. i also fimmed it. hoping that wasn’t a mistake but regardless, it’s done now.

No kidding? That’s cool! Why doesn’t Calmag do it then?

Hey there , this strain that I have Looks similar . Can you Temne more about it , how to go about it