When and how fertilizer

When i start fertilizer my plants?

Two weeks after planting. Use half dose for 1st 2 to 3 feedings. Ever other feeding add nutrients. After 3erd half feeding do full strength every other watering.

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I agree with @Soilgrowth but I wait till they have there 5t true sets of leaves



thanks for answering. the answers will help me a lot with my babies.

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thanks for the welcome. clarifies that answer me better how and when to
fertilize my babies. and I join ilgm because after an intense search I
found online that are the most serious and responsible people in this area.
Thank you.


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What Do you think the fox farm fertilizer? Im going to use it.

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I use the foxfarm soil and trio pack. I love foxfarm products.

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I use fox farms as well, and I love their nutrients.
But, I started with their nutrients and haven’t tried any others, so I can’t really give you any comparisons. Because of this, I just bought the General Hydroponics Flora line of nutrients. I’m going to be comparing the two side by side with growing clones.


I also use humbolt master a and b.

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I’m using FoxFarm and don’t plan on adding anything until flower. I think with FF, 2 weeks is too soon. Just my opinion…