When a newbie says he has a 1000W light

I would love to see faces of the vets. around here when a newbie says he has a 1000W- 2000W light .

Fluence SPYDR 2p LED grow light 630W
Gavita 645W
HLG 550V Rspec 500W

So what the hell do you have (just give the name and model number LOL)

I believe you’re trying to upload this guy… ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes I was !!!

I always get a kick out of budgets too. You got people that talk about buying and smoking prime bud for $20 a gram. Then they want to use a 40 dollar blurple. Champagne taste beer budget.


You guys need to visit my thread. Blurple Buyer’s Support Group


I’m following you! I am just working out the courage to confide in your group… but that day is coming! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No model number:

Gen 1 Samsung 560 mm EB strips, 3,000K, 10 per fixture at 24 watts per strip X10. 3 fixtures total to fit a 4 X 6 space. Normally never run over 600 watts total.

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@Myfriendis410, 30 strips in a 4x6 (I would love to see a pic of that) .I want to DYI a light for Veg .I have HLG rspec and you can get away with rspec for veg .But Bspec would be better. you could show me 10 pics of different plant in early veg and I could point out the ones under rspec. The nodes are closely packed.you need to pull your Rspec 30’’ or more inches away during early veg.I want to build something that looks like a Gavita on steroids.

I’ll see you there!

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Timber 4vs

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My space is designed for 3 plants in a SCROG: this was a Crystal, Purple Haze and Black D.O.G.G. in RDWC with seeds started first week of January and harvested mid May. 2 lbs of flower and the Black D.O.G.G. was a dud. As it was I still got 1.25 grams/watt.


That looks pretty professional, and that’s coming from a IBEW member who is qualified to work on anything electrical from 4volts to Lightning.

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Well I was a mechanical engineer in Aerospace with my DoD 2000 solder cert lol. Heatsink material was left over from a job and works great despite being severe overkill. I will likely add some far red strips on another driver once moved.


I have spydrX I use to grow some veggies and start my cannabis. But this is my flowering light

Oddly its free? And seems to grow good pot?


It’s ok you’re in the tree of trust :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


OK I’m gonna chime in here at the risk of ridicule. I originally bought two amazon blurple 1000w lights but didn’t really use them except for supplemental lighting at one point during my first grow. I bought a Budgetled light from seeing a post by @Bulldognuts. Price was less than HLG and the light has been great. I decided I needed another light for my tent and had seen a post on reddit from some growers that were using alibaba QB knockoffs. I rolled the dice on a Meiju 240w r-spec very similar to the Budgetled I bought . I have to say so far that light has been awesome. It comes with completely water resistant wire plugs and enough lead wire to place the driver outside the tent and a meanwell driver with dimmer. The heat sink is not as stout as the budget light but the output is the same. $170 shipped I’d definitely get another if I need more light at some point in the future. the two alibaba brands that get good reviews are Kingbrite and Meiju.


I think @CoyoteCody has a similar light I can’t remember where he got it from. Could be wrong though.

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@registereduser I just got my 2x meijuu 240 lights earlier today! I thought I found a deal on 2 HLG 240, but that ended up not working out for me. I am super excited to set up the new lights! I also fell for the blurple lights, but since my plant outgrew the spider farmer 1000 I also purchased, the blurple has been a nice supplemental light!


Got mine from Amazon, it’s a 240w 2 qb led setup with a mean well driver. I think I paid like $210 shipped and taxes.

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Got a great deal, with shipping and alibaba fees I got the 2x 240 watts for $285!