What's your thoughts? Looking for an in-between

I’m looking for a hybrid kind of buzz. The bud is Big Bud. Week 9 of flowering.

Thanks for any help!
Happy Growing!!

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Almost all Cannibis you find now is a Hybrid. They got it right with Skunk #1 years ago. A perfect 50 /50 Hybrid.

Now, seems they all lean one way “Indica” or another "Sativa"and the highs are off balance.


As @GulfCoastGurilla stated also I see mainly all clear still id wait for at east all cloudy trics cloudy is when they are at there most mature stage i personaly like a couch lock high so I shoot for 30 to 40% amber on my grows

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Lotta clear trichs. Worth waiting til it’s all cloudy at the very least.


Looks sweet. It needs a little bit more time. You will see nice and white sugar. Then you will see the change.

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