What's Your (Other) Hobby?


That clay work is cool. If I can get my hands workin agin I want to get into some casting.


Hey Coltfire, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Lol. Anyway, let me know when you have time to share. Take Care, Mike


Any time you have spare


Hey, tell me what kind of birds you have! I’m here in S.C. by the way. Mike


ATM I have 8 eclectus parrot’s, 8 cockateils sun conour red collar lorikeet, 22 buggies, a d about 200 wild birds I feed, sulpha crested cockatoo’s, rb2’s goffins, and rainbow lorries, grass parrots, and a few more


Awesome! I did have one pr of Solomon Island Eclectus ( spelling ) several yrs. ago. I handfed some of there babies to. My favorites were the rosellas and my princess of whales.


one pairof wild Roselle’s that come in , and used to breed the princess parrot’ts, I love the length of their tail’s,


Here’s my hobby fixing things
And they say stoners are unproductive. Lol
This just side work on top of a full time job.
Bad back plate and pins in my right hip from car wreck in 1997 got wife and kids can’t stop or take pills for pain
So my hobby is working but I love every minute of it
. Sorry for long story just burned half a blunt.



Nice! I’m dying to learn to weld. Do you fix cars in general or are you a welder specifically?


Everything pretty much just love learning how things work. Not to much I don’t turn down. My latest toy bought broken not running missing parts a couple years ago. Projects keep me out of trouble


Hey Coltfire, I love the princess of Whales. They are a beautiful and gentle bird. I was wondering what part of Australia you come from. Mike


Hey FloridaSon, these pictures look like good wood duck hunting territory! Mike


My hobby right now while I’m on wcb are my 4 hellion children. 3 boys 1 girl. 9 year old, 5 year old, and 2 21 month olds. Yes they are twins. One boy one girl. My daughter is 3 min 41 sec younger than her brother. No their not identical. An oh my god just the 2 of them is a full time job in its self.

I used to install q-deck. This is the last place I worked b4 I got hurt.

Yes that is me in that pic​:arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:


I really couldn’t answer that one. Unfortunately, I don’t see them a lot. I think they are beautiful birds.

Sometimes I’ll catch a glimpse as I slip through the swamps, but my eyes are usually looking for the odd things you can find out there. It still amazes me how much diversity of life is in the swamps!


Mate I’m in new south wales ATM but have property in Queensland and can’t wait to get back there


Here’s a pic of my other hobby. Both have a way of keeping my wallet empty lol.


I hear ya! I miss my bike. Before I got hurt, I use to ride everywhere. Mike


I’m sorry to hear you can’t ride no more, that would kill me. Where I live I can ride all year long.


I had an idiot on a mobile phone ,come across into my lane pushing me into on coming traffic ,I was collected by a ,4x4 bullbar, I will never ride again , and that kills me ,every bike I hear


Yep always people on cell phones. Cause more death then drunk drivers. I’ve had a few close “calls” with that.