What's Your (Other) Hobby?


Wow. Beans. Those are some awesome pictures! And I’m totally jealous too lol! Just got my first deer last year! Hopefully I’ll get my first buck this year! We’d be good friends I feel like haha


I wonder if we could have a picture thread like this one but just pictures or if that will jam things up?


The Gallery…


@ktreez420 @Irish32
Thanks guys! Y’all are jealous of my pics and I’m jealous of yall’s grow pics! :grin:
Out of the oilfield (which means I’m home every night) and wanting to grow some good smoke. I’ve been in the shadows in this forum reading and taking notes mostly. Good info here.
Last season was my first and it was definitely a learning experience. I learned I didn’t know squat! LOL. Thank goodness for the Internet.

Thinking about makIng a grow room bc I don’t want to wait till next season!!! Miss it.


I spent some years roughnecking too…it is nice to be home every night… but suxx being broke, lol.


Money is definitely different! :sweat:


Holy shitt dude , we gotta Hang


I raised Long tailed parakeets from Australia for many years! How lucky you are to live there. I had King parrots( 2000.00 a pr. ) I also had Princess of Wales, three different Rosellas, Crimson, Stanley’s and Easterns. I also had a couple of prs. of rock pebblers. I almost forgot 3prs. of scarlet chested parakeets. It took me close to ten years to be able to afford all of the birds I had in my collection. I also had 2prs. Alexandrians, 3prs. of Derbyans and several prs. of Rose ringed parakeets and a few pr of Plumheads. Last, but not least a pr. of Umbrella Cockatoos. Unfortunatly when I got sick I had to sell all my birds to pay my hospital bills. It is the one thing I regret having to do. If I was able to do again I would want all rosellas and my favorite, King parrots! Sorry I got carried away, but I don’t usually get to talk about my birds. If you want to, I would love to swap stories? Take care Coltfire, Mike


Would love to swap stories @mcicchino


Awesome! I will ketch up with you as I have got to get to bed for and early doctors appt. it is after midnight here! Talk to you soon, Mike


Nice fish @FyshhTrap. What’s the bottom one? Bonita? Where ya from? I got a buddy down in Tampa. We trade deer hunts for salt water trips!


Hey Beans, I’m from upstate NY. The bottom fish is a False Albacore from Cape Cod, Massachusettes.
These fish are Great fighters but Terribble table fare. The top fish is a Smallmouth Bas taken from the Mohawk River in NY.
Not hunting this year as I’m in school, gonna miss it, keep us posted, I"ll still be doing some fishing when I can.


I’m from Western NY originally. Quite a change in weather from where I am now. Smallmouth Bass were my favorite to fish for. A three pound smallmouth will put you through a fight that you would not believe. (Well, you would !) I used to fish in Lake Ontario for bass and pike and once every 2-3 years would make a trip to the St. Lawrence River for muskies ! Now that is a fighting fish ! ! Trying to find my old pictures of some of the fish we caught. We also went to Saskachewan (sp) for Northern Pike once. Some of them were three to four feet long. We had one picture of a northern I caught laying in the grass with a quart beer bottle standing up in his mouth just before we made him a fine meal for the evening ! Simpler times ! Jerry


Hey fellas.
I got a race meeting on this weekend for a practice run before bathurst the weekend after.
Ill film a run this sunday and put it up for use to see. Thanks.


Need help posting my race clip. Can i post a vid. It goes for around 1 minute. 1 lap it is.


Clay work…


Beautiful work! I’ve done ceramics before. I wish I had the skill to sculpt.


If you make it a YouTube video you can link it here. I think that’s how folks do it. @latewood is the admin here.


That is correct. I post informational Youtube videos all the time.


Thanks @Stomper. Got a spare bit of time today so ill see what i can do.