What's Your (Other) Hobby?


@Hogmaster I agree that Yellowstone is a most amazing place. Over the years of visiting there I have seen the park change , the big fire in 1988 burned about 1/3 of the park and to have seen the before and after was devastating to witness . Over the years I have come to like going in the winter best . Take a 2 day ( spend the night in the park ) snowmobile tour of Yellowstone. Park is closed to vehicles and it’s like you have the park to yourself. Tons of animals, no crowds , and experience you will always remember.


Wow next to those beautiful pictures I hate to put up my little BBQ pics, that must be so awesome there ! I wouldn’t go that close to those Buffalo’s tho, are you kidding me?! I saw a video where a buffalo charged some nut trying to approach it to take a selfie with it and it knocked him up into a tree !

Discount pork (probably safer than aggravating a buffalo)

Carefully peel the silver skin from the back ribs

Liberally apply a dry rub

These ribs cooked on a Weber Smokey Mountain over lump charcoal and Hickory chunks for four and a half hours between 220 and 240 degrees

I opened them only to add a mop sauce (which was Coca-Cola in this case) after 2 hours, and a half an hour before I finished them I applied a homemade barbecue sauce called #five sauce, which you can Google

Sometimes the barbecue you ignore is the best !

YUM…! :thumbsup:


Good to see another Texan smoking it up more then one way.


I have three wee ones under 5… that’s my other hobby


Thanks bro @Paranorman looks good I haven’t had time to do mine but I will post picks soon


Thanks @Usmcjojo, that’s some authentic Yankee BBQ right there! :pig_nose:


Lived around eastern nc BBQ for so long that western nc/Tennessee BBQ ain’t cutting it. Ain’t BBQ more like brisket.


Hogmaster you should teach me to reload!


Well I reckon it would be brisket if I was in Texas but I mentioned I’m a Yankee, up here we’re particular to Boston butt ! :wink:


I love pulled pork!


Used my new pressure cooker and made a Pork whole picnic! Some of the best fat I’ve ever eaten!


Wow even nicer in the winter


I race cars. Off to mt panorama. Bathurst next month.

One pic is of a superkart ive got in shop at moment getting a roll bar put in. It has a rotax 250 granprix motorcycle engine. Soon to be a 1000cc r1 motor.
Other pics my civic with my family.


I wouldn’t just like to say THANK YOU!!!
Got my seeds today, and was sitting burning one and was thinking that I would sit down with anyone on this forum and just sit around a table and laugh and shoot the breeze, joke and become good friends with all of you. That’s not easy to say for me especially on this type of platform but I love you guys and gals. :four_leaf_clover::heart_eyes::sunglasses:
And just thank you from the bottom of my heart :heart:


Noticed i got a few likes on my racing post.
More than i can get from growing buds lol.
Anyways thought you might like me to show a vid of a hot lap off my gopro.
Not even sure if i can post vids on this page but if use would like to see it just let me know and ill post it to u.
Obviously wont be till after race. November 11,12,13.


Good luck!


Always , Always bring your Camera my friend , you Never know what you may find, I found these Ice formations at 8:00 AM along a nearby river I was fishing in December. They were gone by 11:00 AM and never to be seen again, they were all about the size of Baseballs.

They are aptly named “by Oneself” and “Family”


That’s awesome! I always bring my camera I just rarely ever actually take it out. Usually I am so caught up in what ever it is else I am doing out there that I don’t end up taking a lot of pictures.


So cool, so beautiful! It’s exactly why I love Mother Nature so much! Great pictures @FyshhTrap!


Amazing pics, and now im insanely jealous of you