What's Your (Other) Hobby?


Got my Barrett years ago. Paid $4100 cash but it’s not the semi auto. Mine is a single shot bolt action with a 32in heavy barrel. The semi auto is currently about $10000. I figured at a mile away i have time to reload after every shot lol


Oh man that’s on my bucket list Grand Canyon and Yellowstone is next in line that’s beautiful thanks for sharing


@Paranorman it is so worth saving up and trying to stay for a week and you still will not see everything that is there it’s just so incredible I would highly recommend anyone who is into nature definitely go to Yellowstone one time in your life I will try to post a few more pictures for you guys


@Savingpvtviper I have a little over 500 rounds of .50 cal I have a friend who has one and I actually reload them as well but yeah hell I would be happy with the bold action that’s a good price that you paid is it at Barrett that’s all I do in my spare time during the spring and summer hunting and just going out shooting for fun I currently have my 308 cited in at 1750 yards the scope cost me nearly as much is the rifle but that’s the way things go and I know it’s going to be worse when I get my 50 caliber


@Paranorman I hate to say it but I’ve seen the Grand Canyon it is beautiful but it is a big hole in the ground saving up for Yellowstone by far will make the Grand Canyon look like looking at a crack in dried dirt Yellowstone is probably the hottest place on the planet you’ll be driving down the street and smoke will be coming out of the ground it’s just unreal


Just waiting for the caldera to pop! They say it’s been bulging. Did you notice anything to that effect?


When they say bulging they are looking at the caldera dome rising 4" in a year. Eventually it’s gonna blow, it’s inevitable. If that happens, Wyoming, Colorado, half of Idaho, and a good chunk of the Dakotas will be visiting Florida via dust cloud.


That’s one of my concerns about the talk of a wall. Can you imagine the bottleneck people will encounter? I’m not sure there will be time for an evacuation effort, but a wall would make it that much harder.

Securing our borders is a fantastic idea, but what keeps things out also keeps things in! I’ve lived behind walls. Not all it’s cracked up to be.


Hehe. If any of the super volcanos around the world go off life as we know it will be done. We will be in twilight for years and it will be winter for decades.


Lol…Super Volcanoes! The answer to"Global Warming"!


Well my going the Canyon would be two-fold, there’s a lot of Legend around the Grand Canyon that interests me but yeah those are my two places I’ve been up and down both coasts but I never get into the middle of this beautiful country

Looking forward to more pictures !


If you go to the Canyon, take the train from Williams. It’s a neat ride. The walk down to the villages at the bottom was too much for me but the view was cool.


Yes it’s a Barrett. Lol only .50 I would buy. Your gonna laugh but it has a $300 scope on it zeroed at 100 yards. I would love a Schmidt and Bender but it’s low on my list. I have a M4 in .223 and I’m set up to reload the.50 and .223. Currently I’m loading 680 grain A.P.I and A.P.I.T


@Savingpvtviper Sounds like me I love it I just have to borrow my friends 50 Cal he the one Gun I’m the one with the bullets but I got 308 the AR10 AR15 223-556 more crap than I need but it’s a lot of fun I haven’t had a buy ammo in 15 years +


My other hobby is breeding Bird’s, I’ve been doing it for 35 years now.



here are some more pictures I said I woul post of Yellowstone


and we went in the middle of August and there was snow on the top of the mountain it was so beautiful hopefully you guys like the photos I posted I have many many more


what absolute beautiful pics, the one place I would love to go if I ever left Australia.


@Coltfire it would definitely be worth the trip I would love to come to Australia


My other hobby is actually agriculture. I love growing things and I love helping people. Growing food has been my way of doing that. I now have a goal of running a cultivation operation once things get legal in my area. This way, I can help even more people everyday.