What's Your (Other) Hobby?


I guess I’m just accustomed to them since this is home. Plus, they taste good.:yum:

Life in the sticks…


Catch one of those in my back yard and I’m makin a jacket. After I call the news about a gator in Colorado :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey Paranorman, I used to raise Australian parrots and larger parakeets. I also had several prs. Of Asiatics. I had close to 100 prs. In all. My disability caused me to sell most of them off. Everything now is on a small scale, 2 birds only.

                              Your art work is very nice! I particularly loved 

the Humming bird and the Perigrine Falcon. (Spelling) I was a taxidermist for several yrs and my reason for moving to SC. Of course, I did mostly ducks and geese. I also did my share of deer heads. That was over twenty five yrs. ago and a memory I will alway’s enjoy telling. Thanks, Mike


I want that table


Hey Stomper, I didn’t know you were from Colorado, the home of the free for sure! I used to live on Sherman st. In Denver back in the 80’s. If I ever thought you guy’s were going recreational I would have stayed! Ha,ha later, Mike


Well I have one here with your name on it lol



Ought to do that pyramid scene on one of those tables.


You know, that’s not a bad idea. Now my brain is working over time…lol



A couple more from the great white north


That is sooo cool !!


Melt some lead, paint em up, tie some hair on em and make something I’m gonne lose on the bottom of the river !


Sweet Dude, whats that Cal.


Wow I honestly never knew other people on here would have similar hobbies to me.

I do a lot of things but unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time with work nowadays. One thing I try to do or am trying to get into more is photography and more nature photography and videography.

I try to get out hiking as often as I can.


I love hunting fishing reloading and being outdoors man nature is great lot of mushrooms :mushroom: morel hunting and also go out for frog legs good eating


lots of reloading



Oh no you gotta tell us what those pictures are ! what the hell’s all that white stuff, where is this, hot springs ? …what’s going on there?

…and tell us about the mushrooms :slight_smile:


@FyshhTrap .50 BMG Barrett M99


Yellow stone my friend it is the most amazing place in the world that I’ve ever been to anyhow


That is on my list @Savingpvtviper that pic is my Ar 15 don’t have a 10,000 to buy one yet