What's Your (Other) Hobby?


There were 1-2’ swells & light wind so it was a piece of cake & highly enjoyable. Pretty flat really. We saw a few sailers & crossed courses with a nice couple in sea kayaks looking all geared up to maybe navigate the Bay of Fundy or something.


My other stress reliever, my ‘04 Ultra Classic. Put 125 mi on her yesterday and today. Felt great to get out and ride after nearly a year of non-riding ! Those of us with bikes know what I mean - that indescribable freedom of the road. @garrigan65, how’s it going brother ? Going through your area in about 60 days, headin’ north for 45th HS reunion. Maybe we can visit ?

Have a great day everyone ! :sunglasses::us::man_farmer:


Nice easy fix for the L8!

So the PTO wasn’t staying engaged during use.
This one mostly runs the 30 inch rotary brush hog to mow deep grass, saplings,and all kinds of overgrowth around the tree line, in the raspberry patch and anywhere too narrow or uneven for the 5660 or 18G.
Anyway all of my tractor forum research told me that I was going to disassemble and practically rebuild this entire thing inside the advance casting where the guts of the drive dog is housed and attachments are mounted. Removing the battery tray, etc.

I removed the hood and loosened up the two 9/16” bolts that hold the battery tray and tilted the tray backward to see what I could see. Lo and behold I find the 1/2” bolts holding the shifter shaft down so loose,they’re protruding 3/8” from tight. I tightened the battery tray bolts to keep the tray elevated above where I needed access. I grab my a 1/2 “ box wrench, give couple of clockwise turns and we’re back in business!
I’m thinking if I haven’t left the battery tray tilted forward right on top of that shift mechanism after changing the negative battery cable a couple of weeks ago those bolts may have worked themselves clean out of that casting and I’d be in a much worse position.

These are primitive machines by today’s standards. I will venture to say that the blade of this mower contains more steel than any new residential mower you can buy at Home Depot or Lowes or true value or whatever. The shell definitely weights more than any gas powered push mower you can buy today self propelled or not. More steel too.


Still under construction, will update after we it it all together


So with the time saved not working on the Gravely this morning, I decided to work on this idea I’ve been kicking around in Garage Band since the first of the month. Really just to hear one of the two new Apple drum kits that have brushes as well as sticks

Artistry Under the Influence

Love it @Willd


Dehydrating tomatoes

They are so delicious it’s easy to go overboard and forget that they are going to reconstitute in your gut