What's Your (Other) Hobby?


Solar cooking.
Here are a few bratwurst.

Into a covered 3 qt. granite ware casserole then into the box for a couple hours.

About the last 30 minutes, I’ll put another pan with some baked beans in there too.


Damn, I need one of these dohickey’s!! Neat as a pin!!!

BUT, it would need to be second hand based on my quick perusal of a few webpages. Still very kewl


@Willd nice solar oven you got there, garden looks awesome, @Grandaddy013 ohh boy last time I got my hands of some of that was in Tennessee. Got some white lightning. I got so wasted I fell up the stairs. Yes up not down. Ha ha. @BIGE I believe you get the frog eyes after finishing a pint of shine my friend. Have a good day everyone.


Thank you there sir !

A couple of sweet Italian sausage and a couple of potatoes cut in wedges for lunch today on a nice sunny day


Tomato trellises going in


Do you have a lot of problems with spiders on your trellis. I can’t stand the spiders here, they are everywhere. I have to spray neem oil at least weekly and usually 2x/week !


If so, I haven’t been paying attention. The tomato hornworm is about the only pest we ever see on these. I’m hoping. We’re ready with BT, Pyrethrin, and Neem oil for whatever pests try pestering us.
We’ll be applying a light dose of ZeroTol weekly to help prevent all those mold and fungi related diseases as well.


Hasn’t been any recently posted entries so here goes. The ‘68 Gravely super convertible needs a negative battery cable & a battery.
The 18-G has been running like a champ. I will have to put the 30” rotary deck on the 5660 to use as my brush hog until I get a new battery for the ‘68.


Today I started another hobby. I have a 4ft. dia. fire pit that needs a new cover. I purchased this fire pit about 15 years ago. It was advertised as being made from recycled metal from Abrams tanks. I paid $1050 shipped from Texas which included the fire pit, the cover which came in four pieces and had a stainless screen as to why it lasted me 15 years. I contacted the company which made it to see how much a replacement cover would be and they sell the cover for $1000 with a stainless screen cover. That’s what I paid for the whole thing. I’ve always wanted my own welder so here it is. I ordered the metal to make the frame out of 1/4" thickness by 1" width. There will be two layers to the frame with the screen between the two layers. I’m also making a new grill for the wood as the old one is two small and totally burned out. I made a jig from some scrap metal and an old socket. I’ll be able to bolt the jig down so I can bend the frame to the correct size. i’ll be adding more pictures as I go. I had to make up a short cord to adapt the welder to my generator so I can be mobile. I’m also going to wire in a 50 amp. plug outside the house so I can go full power. Right now I have to keep the amps down to about 90 or it trips the breaker on the 30 amp. generator.

Here is a drawing to scale of the pit. All I have to do now is bend the metal with the jig until it lines up with my drawing.


Very nice @ntmaremach were you a fabricator of some type?


Millwright in a papermill for almost 40 years, retired now and the mills closed. Did a lot of fab work and having little jigs like this one saves a lot of time. I did welding, machist work, carpentry, installation of all machinery and motors. The only thing I didn’t do was the wiring and electrical dept. I did install and align all motors, pumps and then run all the piping throughout the mill and if you’ve ever seen a paper mill you know there’s a million pipes going everywhere all made of schedule 5 or 10 stainless steel, very thin wall. Most of the welding was tig weld on the pipes.


Here’s a little of what I did. This is a solid 24" dia. roll with a 1/2" bronze sleeve on it. The bearing failed as you can see. I’m not sure of the weight of the roll but when that bearing went you know the floor shook. Here’s a before the repair.

New bearing being installed. The other nut is one that I drilled holes in so I could set the bearing to the proper fit. It’s a tapered bearing and needs to be pressed on as to where the gap between the rollers and the race is reduced by .003.


Very nice work there Bud!! My Dad was a machinist and later an inspector for the New York Air Brake Co.


Today I started making the grills outer frame which will hold the wood for the pit. I’m making it 2.5 ft. in dia and will be using 1/4" by 2" and will be putting on four small legs from 1" pipe with pipe caps on top. Just a little more bending then cut and weld. I’ll be using 1/4" by 1" for the supports going across.

Finished the outer ring and will now start filling in.


I still have to paint it with some high temp paint but it’s done enough for me.


Very nice work @ntmaremach


Nice job. It looks great and will last a good long while I imagine. :us: :man_farmer:


The extra stability of the 4th leg is an improvement over the original for sure.


So my other hobby is nature more importantly taking pictures of it on my phone or use of trail cams


this is shot from a video from a camera less then 50 yards from my house nice healthy boys a six and an 8 point