What's Your (Other) Hobby?



I’m a wood worker with all of his fingers lol. Some pretty gnarly scars but!

Inattention is usually the culprit for me. It’s been many years since I ran a finger into the table saw but the memory will always remain fresh haha!


I’m not giving up, it is enjoyable. Just have to play by the rules!!!


Having all of the right tools and jigs helps.


@bryan, I did some research and there’s a pretty good size ranch (5,700 acres) located on the Llano River that allows arrow head hunting. My buddy said there are arrow heads, spear tips and a lot of other stuff. He said there are several middens but he didn’t know where they were. The place is open for camping. He said no guns or hunting or 4 wheeling but plenty of fishing and arrow head hunting. I will try to get the location.


That would be great. Don’t want to hunt the middens tho, just commune with the spirit


@bryan, yeah, you don’t want those spirits hanging out with ya unless they’re cool. Now would be the time to hunt, No Snakes! Or Ticks.


I picked up a metal detector and really haven’t had much time to use it but did get to check out next to my house. There were no houses in the area yet and the brook that ran through the area became a man made lake. I own land across from my house and thought I’d look there. To my surprise I came up with a few shooting relics. One looks to be a small ball made of metal but not magnetic, probably lead. Probably about 3/16" in dia. Shortly after finding that I found two shot gun shells. One 12 and one 16 ga. The 12. ga. was dated very early 1900’s and the 16 was dated about 1926 -1930’s. This means someone was out hunting some deer almost 100 years before I found them. I need to do more of this.



3/16" diameter is in all likelihood a 00 buck pellet. They are 32 caliber.


I just took this and you’re probably right. I get a little over and a little under from this measurement.


Looks like I might also be a cell phone collector too. Here are most of what I’ve owned not counting the phones I’m currently using. You’ve got to love the old bag phone. I felt like James Bond driving around with that one. I believe that was in the early 90’s.


I remember mom having one of those bag phones. Yeah 90 sumthin, probably right before it was obsolete, seeing as we were chicken 4 times a week poor.
I felt like we were somebody in the Chrysler LeBaron :sunglasses:


@ntmaremach, That’s really neat. I bought a metal detector long ago to help find my lost pager. I hadn’t even considered looking for cool stuff like that. Thanks for reminding me ntmaremarch. Now the weather needs to warm up so I can go outside and play.


I found those things in just an hour of looking on my own property. I’ve got to get out and look around more. The paper mill I worked at for almost 40 years made shot gun shell paper nine out of twelve months a year. Once plastic came into play the only shell paper we made was for competition shooting. Federal and Olin are a couple of the customers and we only made it a couple weeks a year. I guess the pro’s like shooting with paper shells. More accurate and you can’t beat the smell of the paper burning.


Federal Paper is what is used at the trap Nationals in Vandalia Ohio. Trap shooters like them because the recoil pulse is softer than plastic hulls. Still popular today.


Good chance that we made the paper for those shells.


I’m a knifemaker. It’s one of many hobbies.

I have tools and know how to use them. Worked as a handyman doing home repairs. Worked as an engineer designing hardware - software systems. I’ve been a strong vegetable gardener, and grow herbs. I also make pipes for smoking, some fancy bottle openers from my hardwood scraps, and wood knobs for drawers and drape pulls. In the past I brewed beer, raced a few different cars in SCCA club racing, enjoyed backcountry skiing, scuba diving, and bicycle riding (centuries). I have a wife and 8 grandchildren who enjoy my company, sometimes.


An M4 floating hand guard will make a huge difference in accuracy FYI.


Beautiful knives! I always wanted to do that.


Beautiful work @Budlite!