What's Your (Other) Hobby?


That or a Highwall. I have a #1 as well that I had rebarreled to 257 Weatherby Magnum.

The Sharps was a gift from my dear friend who gave it to me on my 50th birthday. …from Colorado to California. He and my wife managed to surprise me when he showed up in the garage haha!

I always wanted a Sharps and have enjoyed it the last 10 years.


That is pretty cool my friend


Cool story behind a awesome piece of American history.


Hmm… I have a lower for an AR15 build that I’ve had for awhile. One of these days I need to get the rest of the parts and put it together.


I did a no name upper in 300 Blackout set up with an M4 floating hand guard and it will put 10 handloads into a gorgeous 1" circle all day long.


I guess I need to break down and buy a scope for my AR 180. Our AR15 has a scope (a cheap one) and groups pretty good but the 180 with open sites at 100 yard is about the size of your hand if you’re luck. It’s a pretty good armadillo gun but I darn sure would want to enter any shoot contests. I’ve had that AR180 with the fold down paratroopers since the 1980’s. I’m not sure when the AR came out but I’ve sure put a lot of lead through my AR180. It’s an Armalite 180 made in Costa Mesa.


I’m not really a black rifle fan and I’m definitely not a fan of the 5.56 either. This round is popular enough that brass is cheap and it’s easy to load for. I put a higher end Vortex 1 to 4 X variable and that’s what I’ve been shooting groups under an inch with.

I love classic lines, pretty wood, history nostalgia etc. So my collection runs from a pure killing tool: Cooper model 52 Excalibur in 340 Weatherby Magnum to my Ithaca S X S 20 gauge. A pre 64 model 94 just got added six months ago.


I found a great scope for a decent price on amazon. With a little recoil as there is this thing will drive tacks.


@Buds007 ,are you in Australia, if so how can I buy one of your smokers, I’m out west of Sydney.


I am here in center of Bexar county. Retired nurse after 30 years. Is there anywhere up there to look for fossils? Need a good excuse to be outdoors for a few hours. Braunig Lake is getting boring.


@bryan, Howdy amigo/amiga! Llano County is know for its Arrowheads and Middens. Georgetown has more fossils than Llano. Heck, there’s ton’s of those mussel looking fossils around here. I’m part time Paramedic in the Austin area and my girlfriend works as an Occ. Nurse for one of the big hospital systems. Have you tried the Boerne or Bulverde area’s? The only thing I know about that lake is there’s an RV place we stayed at while doing a little dirt bike riding around Elmendorf.


Hola, amigo here .I had read that there were some places in Llano county that had arrowheads. Just started looking on where to find stuff like that, quartz, etc.


Hey @Coltfire, yeah I’m in Aus but I’m way way down south. I can definitely hook you up, which one are you looking at?


Uploading… This is my most usually shot/carried weapons. I have a large collection of bp revolvers and rifles, both reproduction and original. Oldest is a percussion musket circa 1815, and my oldest revolvers are 3 1870-1890’s S & W breaktops and a 1880 vintage H & A breaktop


How many wood workers out there? I was working on a little project last week and was thinking how tranquil this hobby could be. Well, that was right before I almost lost two fingers!!! lol
As is the case 99.9% of the time, human error brought on said results.
So out of the serious wood workers, y’all still have all your digits?
I would post my pics but they’re rather gruesome.
I will post a pic of what I was trying to duplicate.


I ran my right index finger tip through my table saw. Amazing doc pieced it back together to the point that it looks almost normal. Sadly, nerve damage to said member has rendered nose picking a much less fulfilling act than it used to be.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: too funny.
People see my bandages and ask what happened. I tell em my fingers were getting to big to pick my nose.
Sadly though, my middle finger was messed up pretty good. And in the small town I live close to, the dr. wasn’t left much to work with. Would’ve probably had to have gone to a specialist. Have to wait till it heals and see.


@bryan, I believe Llano is one of the oldest geologically exposed area’s in Texas. I believe there’s places where you can find real pretty quartz and other rocks.


Thanks for the info. The answer to my quest seems to be a state park yearly pass. Found one with a midden close to home.


@bryan, Be careful digging around the Middens at the Park. Some high school buddies of mine long ago came across several Middens at the edge of Lake Buchanan while it as low one summer. They weren’t real familiar with Texas law regarding messing around with Indian Artifacts, especially on State property. I guess the state owns the Lake. Anyhow a Game Warden saw them and they were fined quite heavily. Of course their parents had to pick up the bill so everyone in town heard about it and were upset with the boys. Heck, back in those days, if I was with them I would have done the same thing.