What's Your (Other) Hobby?


@TxGrowman, other than infection and the trauma, I wonder if there are any other hog bite issues to worry about? Like Rabies with bats and raccoons. I’ve never heard of anything.


The trauma is bad enough ! That I am aware of, trauma and infection are the main problems. I do know that we give rabies type instructions/precautions to patients that were exposed but I have never heard of rabies in hogs. They are crazy enough without that problem too. Ya got me curious on that one and I had to refresh my memory !

Texas Parks and Wildlife site: “Various diseases of wild hogs include pseudorabies, swine brucellosis, tuberculosis, bubonic plague, tularemia, hog cholera, foot and mouth disease, and anthrax. Internal parasites include kidney worms, stomach worms, round worms and whipworms. Liver flukes and trichinosis are also found in hogs.”

That is why we gave the Rabies warning. Pseudorabies is a disease that acts like and has similar symptoms but does not develop into rabies. Some of the other diseases are pretty bad also.

These hogs are a real problem in this part of Texas. In some smaller towns, the pigs invade towns and rummage through people’s lawns and garbage. If you saw the damage that they can do to people, you would be rightfully afraid of them. Thus the reason we NEVER hunt pigs alone or without heavy armament. I personally take a 30.06 and a .357 or .44 sidearm for backup. That has usually = DEAD HOGS ! One grower lost 12 plants to a family of hogs in one night. He killed the whole family the next night ! LOL

Damn, ten years ago I would have remembered it right away ! Old Timers Disease catching up with me. :us::man_farmer:


I have an ar15 that had a 6x12x50 score and it loves to eat haha


@TxGrowman, Our place is located in Llano County. It’s riddled with thousands of hogs and deer of course. My father was a veterinarian but I don’t ever remember him saying anything about a vectored disease from hogs.


Damn, we’ll have to get together and kill some hogs !


@Dieselgrower, we’ve got a couple AR’s as well. I’d like to get some of those night Vision or IR scopes for them. I guess they’re legal right? I bet they’re spensive.


Yeah they are pricey. I’m daily sure theare legal, but I’m not sure about in tx since I’m from ok




I got a few ar15s and m4s… had all types of m16 and ak47 pre bans aswell through the years. Have hunted hogs and a bunch of other stuff as well. Not much of a hunter so whatever i kill i eat and process myself


Here’s our hog guns. The top one is an AR180 and the bottom is an AR15 They are fun to shoot.


How about an SKS with red dot. You can even run and stab for the finish.lol or maybe the grenade launcher.


I have a black rifle in 300 Blackout which is stupid accurate. It’s residing in Colorado because of Kalifornia.

Here’s my assault rifle. It’s a little obsolete now haha!


i got one still packed in grease back in the days before waco…lol
mine will do tricks…lol


Looks like we are all prepared for the next alien invasion. or Hog invasion.


Is that a sharpes?


One of my Ar-15’s with a Leupold VXR 3X9-40 with adjustable red dot. Windham Weaponry Mass approved. lol


Funny thing, I notice that most of the heavily armed people are veterans ! ! People that know how to use 'em ! :us: :us: :us:


It is indeed! My favorite rifle for fun. I’m on the bench with an accurized cast 500 grain round nose. If I do everything right it will put 5 through 1 hole at 100 yards.


I love to fish…but I can’t use the toys you fella’s have to get em. Do really well on California halibut and red vermillion rockfish when I can find the time to get the boat wet.

I want to party with this crew!!!


I’ve always wanted to shoot and own one of those beauties.