What's Your (Other) Hobby?


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WOOOO HOOO ! ! ! Got a 265 lb momma pig this AM. Was cold out (for here) 36 degrees and windy. She came out of the hedge and stood broadside at 25 yards. Put a Muzzy Trocar 3 blade through her heart and she only made it about 10 yards before she stopped, dropped and rolled ! Must have thought she was on fire ! ! LOL ! ! The arrow cleared her and landed about 5 feet past her stuck in a dirt clump. Didn’t even break the arrow ! Looks like I can resharpen the blades and use that arrow again !

She is already half cut up and getting ready to make Miss Piggy in the blankets for everyone here. My first big pig with this bow and I am VERY happy with it. The arrow flew straight and true. She never even moved until the arrow was through her. My neighbors are all getting some meat out of her. One neighbor is going to make some sausage for me.


Awesome!!! I would love to try wild pig someday :smile: Our company roasts a whole pig at the company picnic every year. Not wild, but so tasty; I’m sure the wild meat is amazing. :star_struck::yum:


That’s awesome! Congratulations @TxGrowman


@TxGrowman, good job. Take out all the wild hogs you can. They are really tearing up peoples ranches and even golf courses. I’ve got a family of 5 visiting my place most nights. They haven’t torn up my feeder yet. I suspect I’ll be building a perimeter fence soon.


Yea ! The one I shot was taking out the landowners trees and garden for over a year. I took out the big momma but all her little ones are almost breeding age ! I told her I will come out when my health allows but I have to take care of myself too. AND I REFUSE to hunt hogs alone ! !

Seen too many ER photos of what a pig can do to a human. There was four of us and all were carrying 357 or 44’s as side arms. We killed a total of 5 pigs with five arrows ! Not one of us had to use our sidearm.

I am definitely going to be able to kill an elk with a bow, If I can keep my health. I am going in Nov to Montana.

Hope you get someone to help with your problem. Jerry


Take care of yourself amigo, Montana sounds fun. Elevation would kick my butt though. 5 pigs and 2 arrows has to be a record. I’m with you as far as dealing with hogs with help. Plus it’s always more fun having several people with ya while tromping around in the boonies at night. Nothing better than alcohol, fire arms, wild animals and friends swapping stories at night while hunting. The beer was used more as a liquid courage than washing down the barbecue. I suck using a bow. People laugh just thinking about me trying to kill something with a bow. I would starve.


Congrats on the kill! Hope you get to go to Montana. I have two days left to kill “Lucky”. He’s eluded me two if not three times. He’s really pissing me off! lol




Wow , just breath taking


Looks like a nice mature buck and a good harvester ! Hope you get him !

Do use a Black Rack or Extinguisher ! I called in several nice bucks after my hunting was over this year and am a firm believer in them now. Also got a Primo doe esterus call that is in a small can.


Beautiful pictures ! Takes me back to when I had two racing sleds in my MUCH younger days in NYS ! Ride safe !


One of my other hobbies was collecting coins. I bought and sold on a very small scale but did make a little money doing it. I still have a few coins that aren’t really worth very much but cool in itself. Here’s a 1783 8R silver shipwreck coin. This coin was sitting on the ocean floor for over 200 years. Someday I may have this coin graded and put into a holder. This coin could of changed America as we know it.


Very Nice. I collected coins but all US mint. I have a few silver coins minted in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Mostly silver dollars and a lot of smaller denominations.


I’ve had quite a few Morgan’s but don’t have one now. I think they’re one of the best looking coins out there. I hope you checked the years you have and mint marks. They could be worth quite a bit if they’re the right date.
Here’s a dime I found in change at work from a vending machine. It’s called a broad strike where the coin is struck without being in the collar and without the collar the coin with become larger in dia. and thinner. Here’s a picture of the dime. I was really into the mint errors


Wow, that coin is going to be worth a lot I would bet. The mints do not like to release the “error” coins. I have a double struck penny somewhere in my collection.

I have several Morgan dollars. The best I have is worth $200. I also have two copper 1945 pennies. As you know, they were all steel that year. I got them about 50 years ago and have kept them all this time in almost uncirculated condition. I also have a 1909 S VDB penny that I got while delivering papers. I also accumulated a bunch of silver dimes and quarters as I was collecting for my paper route.

I have two complete sets of Roosevelt dimes from the start to 1990. I stopped collecting when I was working in medicine, no time for anything but work it seemed.

That is really a cool shipwreck coin.
Jerry :us::man_farmer:


@TxGrowman. It’s amazing how something so small can be worth so much money. This is my hobby.

Its a Twin Engine 6 place Baron. A B55. A lot of fun too. Definitely makes Texas a smaller state.


Just ordered this t-shirt !


That looks like fun. I love to fly and thought it would be cool to get my pilots license


@Dieselgrower, It really is a lot of fun. Plus with a license you can rent planes if you don’t want to buy one. You can get a sport pilot license which is the easiest and least restrictive certificate you can obtain. It’s meant for those pilots who wish to fly in light aircraft only, at low altitudes in their local area. Owning a plane can be a tad expensive when it comes to operation and annual maintenance costs. On top of that you have the required physicals, license currency flights and so on. But there’s not much better than flying. I use mine for work mostly. But I still like to go up and play


@Myfriendis410 I am relatively new to compounds, I had an old Jennings T-Star II compound that I used in the 80’s and early 90’s. Killed a couple nice bucks with it back in the day ! That thing is a heavy mother and I don’t like to carry it around any more. It still is a nice bow but that was the problem with the early ones - the weight. I still like it but the Infinite Edge is really nice and light and very forgiving to shoot. I am sure that I will be tempted to get a nicer one but when I get an elk, but most of my hunting will be over. A bull elk is my #1 right now on the bucket list. The olde lungs just ain’t what they used to be courtesy of Desert Storm.

I will still likely sit with my son in his stand and be his caller. If I get a shot Great, but spending time with my sons is very important now.

Do you call them with the Black Rack or the Primo Esterus Doe call. It is a can and works great if the rut is on. I used them after season and called in some really nice bucks. Bigger than I saw all season.

You said you use the Rage 2 blade. Have you had any problems with them? I was reading in the archery site that a common problem is that if you hit the shoulder, it will not penetrate enough. They were saying that the bones can prevent them from deploying fully. Some of the elk hunting camps do not allow them, you have to use fixed blade broad heads.

I know a lot of questions, was hoping you can give me some input. Jerry