What's Your (Other) Hobby?


Awesome! My first bow was a gift from Fred Bear. He was a great story teller and a very generous man.


You still shooting? I got bit by the bug again after I shot that 8 pointer opening day. I want to go out and hunt like I used to, with archery. I think it makes hunting a lot more personal and intense. LOVE IT !


Nope. And I doubt I could now as I have a hard time opening up a bag of chips :joy:. And truth be told, I was more of a bird hunter. Even a bad day in the field isn’t if you enjoy watching bird dogs work. :grinning:


I know what you mean about the dogs work. :+1::+1: Used to raise Springer spaniels in HS. GREAT dogs for Ringneck pheasants, quail and partridge.


Impressive skills @Buds007

I’m a big fan of the smoked meats! If we get some mild weather I will have to do another couple racks of ribs!


Here’s a picture of my bow @TxGrowman
It’s a Mission Craze. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have with a string and a stick! :sunglasses::v::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow::bow_and_arrow:


Thank @bob31, now I just have to get my head around my girls & BBQ will be so much better, lol :laughing:

Yeah ribs rock, I get the butcher to leave the belly on the pork ribs & the end up massive, soooooo yum!!


Dang those are some fine looking ribs! @Buds007


Nice ! You still pursuing the Whitetails or bigger (moose, etc) ?

I got a doe today with my new bow. I cannot shoot bucks on his land as I am not a member of the lease. He let me hunt his land free due to my veterans status and the fact that I spent most of the time with the USMC as a “Doc”. Not a big doe but a nice 2.5 year girl that had no fawns/yearlings with her. It should be tender meat and I am going to use it for Christmas Dinner. She may have been pregnant but I doubt it, she was in heat when I shot her. If she was pregnant, it wasn’t more than a few hours. Got her at 27 yards with one arrow. She came in to an Extinguisher deer call on the buck setting.

I also attracted an about 3.5 year buck that had a wimpy little 4 point rack on him. I am going to bring him up to the lease manager to be put on the management list. He has poor genetics (body and rack both poor) and should not be allowed to breed. I never thought in those lines before but I have seen what culling out the poor genetic deer has done for the health of the herd on his land.

There is no public hunting land in TX. Another reason I want to leave ! LOL

Merry Christmas ! Jerry :us::man_farmer:


DAMN ! I just ate a sandwich and my stomach started growling as soon as I looked at your pictures! Looks good !


Nice buck ! What broadheads do you use? I use Muzzy three blade 125 gr. I am not too sure of Rage mechanical due to the penetration problems they seem to have with bone. I have never had arrow penetration problems with conventional broadheads and figure why change ?


I use Toxic Cyclones by Flying Arrow Archery dot com

Leaves a bloodtrail a blind man could see…


I was looking at those but I heard there was problems with them flying the same as the practice heads. They look mean and I have seen the bloodtrail they leave on you-tube ! I think you are right, the trail I saw could have been found by Helen Keller !


They fly awesome for me… i absolutely love them


Hey @Beans ! how’s it going at your end? As you might have seen, I managed to scrape up enough to get a fair starter bow that seems to have no problems killing deer. It goes to 70 lbs so should be able to kill most anything in North America according to the local archery shop and many others I have talked to. Thinking about the Elk hunt in Montana next fall.

The bow is a Diamond Infinite edge and shoots great for me. Still getting used to the newer compound bows and still started to go back to “old school” memories in my head about how I shot my other bow when i drew down on the doe I shot the past weekend. Still managed to get out a good shot at about 27 yards and she dropped like a rock after 20 yards of running. Very happy with the Muzzy 3 blade broadheads, the shot I hit her with went all the way through and took out both lungs and some blood vessels near the heart.

Thanks for the offer on the bow you had, I just got a good deal on this and wanted to get started ASAP on practice and getting back in the field again. Just being in the field with the bow was great therapy.

My Skywalker OG seeds arrived yesterday and as soon as the house is empty of all the Christmas guests (all 12 of them), I will start a seed and a journal.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Jerry :us::man_farmer:


Glad to hear buddy! I’ve been busy hunting myself and haven’t logged in here. Had a good Christmas.

Got this guy that afternoon


I enjoy restoring vintage sea skiffs like this 1971 Harvey Dory…

and outdoor photography…


I train racing greyhounds when I’m not working for the man. Here’s my last winner crossing the finish line IMG_20171207_072822_939


Looks like that sob is flying :joy:
Great pic.


Yep its my favourite pic. Its the photo finish camera shot. Most of the time they aren’t at that nice mid air, full stretch position but this was timed perfect.