What's Your (Other) Hobby?


Sorry for your loss @brazosdave, but I am jealous of all these Guy’s going deer hunting. I can no longer get out in the field due to back and leg problems. I love to here about all the stories of the ones that got away With! Happy Thanksgiving to everybody, Mike


What’s up @Beans! Have you been doing any hunting since your trip? We been going just not seeing anything we want to shoot. I’m sitting on a hardwood ridge right now hoping for a good one.


Hey @Buck3 sorry for the lengthy delay in responding. Been working a lot recently since I got back from Mo.
Missed a decent 8 last Friday morning. Took a stupid shot through brush. Didn’t help that my gun was off! Dialed in now! I fully believe by the end of season we’ll get us one!!!
Got a couple new ones on camera.

Been getting a lot of nice basket rack bucks this year. Best in 3 yrs since I’ve returned from the oilfield. Hopefully they’ll make it through to next year!


Both of those are big body bucks @Beans. That one in the bottom pic looks every bit of 4 years old to me.


These two keep showing up where I have my climber and where my wife has a lock on. The one on the left is a high rack 9 point and the one on the right is a new one we haven’t seen before.



High rack 9


This is one that gave us the slip last seaon…he’s one I call a night walker.


@Buck3…here in Texas we have a 13 inch across law for our big buck tag…that makes it with ease…very nice deer!


Haven’t got any pics of him yet, but he didn’t show up til late season last year @Neckred.
Check out the neck on him.


Ya…big neck…alot of meat on that body too…maybe he’ll show back up…big bucks can be nomads at times…good luck with him…very nice one…then again their all good with a little salt and pepper😉


well said @Neckred


I build smokers in my spare time, there’s a few pics above that would go quite well in one of them. I also just love creating stuff out of metal like heaters & fire barrels. :+1:t3:



Mad skills dude,the cutouts are awesome, the dragon in the last drum??? What the what!!! NICE
What you use a plasma, or the machine. I saw one like 2 month ago while in Columbia.
Eitherway great work
@Buds007 , gorgeous brisket


Thanks @Nug-bug, yeah I make a stencil & cut it by hand with a plasma cutter, I had to do the heater with the koi freehand.
The BBQing thing is just gaining popularity in Aus & we had a cafe that we used to sell BBQ smoked pulled pork, ribs, brisket & chicken, I can’t get enough of it! :+1:t3:
We had to close cause of a crap landlord but we’ll be opening again soon, can’t wait! :smile:


Just gaining popularity? What did you all do before that?


@Fever Just normal BBQing, you guys call it grilling. The whole low & slow thing has never been part of the Aussie thing, until now. :+1:t3:


You have great weather for smoking meat


I just got a Christmas present for myself (That’s as good a reason as I could find anyway!) A Diamond Infinite Edge Pro. It is a starter bow but has enough power to kill even bears, moose and elk. I have already shot about 100 arrows and love the bow. Top rated at 318 fps, it likely shoots about 280 fps with my set up. Have a date with an elk next year hopefully. A doctor I worked with in the Navy invited me to his house in Montana next fall to hunt with him. He owns about 1000 acres of wooded lands in the mountains. His dad left it to him !