What's Your (Other) Hobby?


Weather may play into it some…some say the moon. I have seen them do crazy things regardless of weather or anything else. I have found travel routes to be more productive than anything…at least for me. Where the does go is where bucks will eventually turn up. Down here, if the weather turns cold, I see lots of movement all during the day…I will stay in the tree til at least mid day then come down, have a bite then right back in the woods maybe to another tree say, where I know where there are acorns. I like spots like that for late afternoon sits. Good luck @Beans, be waiting for pics!


@Beans @Buck3 @Willd @garrigan65 @ktreez420 @Nug-bug

Despite 90+ degree weather and it being my first hunt in over 15 years, I got a nice buck on opening morning here in Texas. I know that he is small compared to the monsters that grow up north, but a big whitetail for here. Took him out with one shot from 125 yards.

And, as Murphy’s Law seems to rule my life, as soon as I shot him another bigger buck came out and I could not shoot him ! I was only allowed one buck on the lease I was hunting on. My son was in the stand with me and took these pictures of him.

Here he is sneaking away from us.

Am still happy and glad I got to see one buck much less two. No one else saw a buck until late in the day.

The real treat for me was that I got to spend the weekend with my boys. We rarely get a chance to talk and spend time together and it was a real treat to just sit and talk.

Ya’ll take care, I’m going to start a deer roast for tonight. Jerry:sunglasses::man_farmer:


I’m so happy for you. Enjoy the roast :grin:


Awesome Congrats @TxGrowman

My favorite is venison chili! Of course any chili is really my favorite, but the venison makes an awesome chili!


Good job and good shot!


I agree on the Chili ! I only kept the backstraps, a small roast and tenderloin for now. The processor is making the burgers and chili meat. I am going to be eating a lot of chili this winter but wouldn’t have it any other way ! The roast is cooking right now and the smell is making me hungry ! Also love to take a bunch of fresh garden veggies, a couple pounds of deer and make some stew. Nothing better on a cold night. We still have our garden going but it is starting to get too cold this last couple days. I was hoping to have a typical Texas fall that stays warm (high 60’s - mid 70’s) until mid December. My tomatoes are taking off now that it is cooler than 90 regularly.

Looks like I could be growing pot again as soon as December ! I am trying to decide from the seeds I have what I want to grow. OR find a source for getting some GG seeds. I have really come to love it in the past month. Lately, I am getting an urge to grow some White Widow or AK-47. The AK is awesome medicine for me as was the WW I had. Then again, the Gold Leaf of Robert’s looks interesting. Never had it yet.

Am watching your grows and a couple others to keep in a growing state of mind. Can’t wait to get going on mine. I really want to try a mainline of two plants and not worry about veg and flowering times. When I get my new place, that will be a worry of the past. No wife to complain about the smell !

Hope you are keeping warm and having a nice fall. Jerry


Hmm, well I have a few pasttimes. I enjoy shooting, do a lot with old percussion revolvers, used to make leather holsters with my wife until she passed last summer, keep up with my dogs and pig, videogames, i’m interested in the paranormal and the occult. Kinda all over the place, but i’m a 50 yr old retired vet widower who lives alone in the woods, so you kinda have some esoteric interests.


Sorry for your loss, so glad you found the forum, to give you another hobby. Already in the woods to! Perfect :sunglasses:


Sounds like you got some good eats going on TXGrowman! I’m in the Piney Woods out in East Texas myself!


Percussion revolvers are cool!


I dig em. I have about 16 or so of em, some single shots, couple old S & W breaktops, old muzzleloading rifles, etc.


They are worth a fortune. First time I saw one was in the pawn show


not really, the reproductions are fairly inexpensive. The old breaktops I got from gunbroker, the oldest original I do have is a longrifle brought by my family from West Virginia in the early 1800’s. Handbuilt Evick rifle


Yes I was referring to the originals.


Tag sandwich for me but I got to spend a lot of hours outdoors in some pretty woods enjoying my hobby!!!


Well that’s how it can go sometimes…maybe you can have better luck on your home ground.


Agreed. When I first moved here I fixed a bunch of computers for locals and a couple paid me in venison. Sadly I fixed their PC’s so well they hardly need to call me anymore.


@brazosdave Piney Woods is a nice area. Have been out there several times on temp jobs as a PA when I could still work. Tried to get my wife to move out there but she is a city girl and doesn’t want to leave the DFW area. I hate it, I have to drive too far to even get to shoot hogs ! That is one of my favorite past times here in TX. That and hunt White Tails ! Managed to get a fairly nice buck this year. It was the first time I have been well enough to hunt in a long time. I got to hunt with my two boys this year, a first. One lives here but the other lives in AZ. Great times with my sons.

At least he will keep me in deer meat this winter. Nothing better than deer chili when it is cold out. Take Care Jerry


@TxGrowman I need to go see if the bowshop I use still has my old bow. I left it there for him to sell as a used bow. I’m sure it is as he hasn’t called to give me any money!!
As far as how to get it to ya I’m kinda stumped. I know they don’t want personal info put up in the forum and I can definitely understand that.
Maybe @latewood could help us out on how to get the bow out to ya?


Yeah, I lived in Copperas Cove {Ft. Hood area} when I retired from the Army in 09. Wife and I were taking classes and working at CTC, finally got tired of it and quit and moved out here to the woods. Had a friend with some raw land that let us build a cabin, we just pay the taxes. So we built it, but unfortunately, my wife passed away this past summer after only a year and a few months. So, it is a good place to be away from people. I’m too paranoid to go into big city areas anymore, after Iraq, and coming back to a U.S. that’s getting pretty damn close, I stay away from crowds.