What's Your (Other) Hobby?

I don’t have the gear or area to do roadworthy work, tho. I have done that kind of work, but it was an apprentice type thing in a custom van shop in the 70’s in Houston. Great pinstriper named Ray something. Later I painted golf carts for the Astrodome, that was cool. Repainted the emblem on the baseball field.


Lol I’m going to add you on xbox now @Savingpvtviper! It’s funny because this is my screen name for Xbox as well, ktreez420 :v:

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I beat you to it lol

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Awesome work. I always was amazed by good painters. I just mess with computer graphics. Did u forget his name or was it ray something. I might steal that lol JaySomething.

Forgot it but he was in the van mags for making that style pin striping the standard.


I like to carve fruit. I mostly use watermelon.
I use to build a lot of balsa jets and planes.


I like birds, pets and portraits

This is an impression of some album art

I have a few more… one’s an old pup of mine and one’s an ex, I sure do missed one of em’…

I do a lot of basic Landscapes but I also do a lot of abstract and impressionist painting too…

…thanks for looking!


I like to follow the stock market and make a few trades each month. GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH) is the play right now. Also I buy and sell on eBay daily.


I love the rat on the bike I would buy that I love it great art

That’s Ratfink. From the 60s.


I smoke meat my specialty is brisket and bb ribs. Would love to enter competitions but it would count as work for VA and Social security so I can’t. So I just fatten my family up LOL.


@paranorman I love the abstract tree/landscape painting! I would buy that!

@stomper I would buy the river/mountain painting.

You should teach me your ways @Dumme, it’s almost pumpkin carving time, and the best jack o lanterns I see are always carved! Beautiful work dude!

All of you guys, AWESOME paintings and carvings! I love and respect artists like you guys. It’s great to be able to see your work too, thank you for sharing it guys! :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

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Oh man, we need to be best friends lol! Please teach me @Usmcjojo! I’ve always wanted to learn the art of smoking meats! This thread is great man!

Definitely it’s my therapy it’s what calms me I sit out there for 8 to 12 hours and drink some beer smoke some bud and relax. It’s all about patience I got some homemade rubs that I’ll share with you just let me know @ktreez420 if your ever in Texas your welcomed at my house.


Gonna do some ribs soon I will post some pics for you guys


I’ve been to a few Texas BBQs. I can still taste it.


You to stompz your also welcomed at my home

I’d love to see your setup that you use for smoking, and how long do you smoke things, stuff like that I’m fascinated by because I love to cook myself and always watch those BBQ champion shows and it makes me want to learn so badly haha! And I promise if I’m ever in Texas I would hit you up immediately. One day I hope to go out there, I’d love to go on a hunt :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

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Yeah I will upload some pics tomorrow my temps vary from 225 to 300 and I do any where from 6 to 12 hours depending on the meat. Always indirect heat and always with mesquite and pecan.