What's Your (Other) Hobby?


Didn’t know I was off topic @Hogmaster …sorry if I was…currently trying to get acct deactivated and deleted. Is that on topic enough?


Now that’s a HOBBY :yum:


Steaks look tasty.


You’ll laugh so hard your sides will ache, your heart will go pitter pat watching Felix, the wonderful cat. How I remember that I do not know. Cool and nice studio!!! @Willd


More of an obsession than a hobby…been doing genealogy for over 35 years…“I seek dead people”…only joking… :rofl:
Love the steak on the grill…my preferred cut is a 1" New York strip steak…the other side of the t-bone :cut_of_meat:


And charcoal;)


@Beans how do ya like this? @70sChick and I fixed up this old tripod stand and I finished setting it behind our house. It’s amazing what you can do with some old hog wire and tar paper.


Looks good buddy!!! Is that overlooking a food plot?


That’s right…one I just planted last Friday. Nothing is up yet but there’s tracks all in it. We’re getting more rain and a cold front behind it…hopefully get some stand time maybe Sunday.


me too. NY Strip is so much flavor


Blazes Billiards - W.Warwick, RI 2010
I remember those lyrics too and never forget where my stash is, but can’t keep “Thursday is trash day” straight.


@Beans I’m up here…82 degrees, skeeters and sweatin like a chicken in the Colonel’s yard


Good luck! I’m headed to Missouri Sunday evening for two weeks!!!


Awesome! Good luck @Beans! I’ll be watching for pics!


All I can see are trees and leaves.


@Beans I had 6 total come in. 3 does, 2 fawns, and one young knothead buck. We’ve got game cam pics of a couple culls but they didn’t show.


good job @Stomper . my hobbie is restoring old autos of all sorts. I just love cars and trucks. I also work on heavy equipment and rebuild motors of all kinds. I look at it this way.If I cant fix it its not broke. lol so that’s my hobbie folks. PS I make custom parts on cnc mill.


nice slamer


Hey @beans look…rattler, the “other” white meat
How’s hunting in Missouri going?


Haven’t tried it yet. :snake::snake::snake:
Haven’t seen a whole lot. Rained Monday afternoon. Saw a doe this morning. Afternoon hunt I bumped 3 going in that were bedded. Set up on a saddle and before I could pull my bow up I saw three does coming through. Put my release on and two more came through. They’re not hitting the scrapes, my buddy thinks the cold the. Warm pushed em back out of rut? He’s got all kinds of theories about everything! Hope he’s right in this one bc I want to use my tag!!! Did see about a 130" 8pt on the way back home. Forgot to check the temp for in the morning so I had to drive back to cell service!!! And sunrise! Damn time change!
Weather should be ideal next three days. Hope to get one before the gun season opens.