What's Your (Other) Hobby?


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Rock on @Willd


@Beans, I thought you might like to see this…I tilled and planted this yesterday. Our Antler King deer plot. I was busier than a one arm paper hanger!


We haven’t been yet this season. It’s been too hot here. Found this pic this morning from last year.


Been wanting to go but I caught the crud. Haven’t been sick in 4-5 yrs. ugh.


Dang man…get well soon!


Big Buck

Hunting is my most loved activity and of that, bow hunting is the best! I have hunted everything from squirrels to an elk that I tagged about 7 years ago. That was a RUSH ! ! I know arrows are deadly but the one I shot fell less than 40 yards from where he was hit. I got a clean heart shot and when we opened him up, his heart was detached from the blood vessels. It took me almost half an hour to stop shaking after I shot him.

Only 11 days to start of rifle deer season. I couldn’t get it together for archery this year. Am happy to feel good enough to hunt with rifle. Especially with the sons.

I have a seriously great offer by a former employer. He has retired in Montana and has a very large ranch that is crawling with any type of game you care to hunt. That is where I killed my elk 7 years ago. He has invited my sons and I to archery season for Elk next year. I have been scraping money together for a bow and think I found a good deal on a friend’s bow. He does not feel the urge to hunt anymore and was talking about selling it to me for a really cheap price. I have shot it before and it is awesome shooting. It is a Hoyt but I cannot remember the name. Has a carrying case and on dozen brand new arrows that have only been shot about 20-30 times for most of them and 4 that have never been shot.

One son is interested and wants to go with me. The other son does not like shooting bow so it will be just one son and me. I’ll take it ! .

Let the countdown begin ! Jerry


Man I wish you all the best!!! An elk is on my bucket list. Wanted to go this year but plans fell through. Still looking at different areas to go. Was gonna go around Silverton, Co.
Been talking to another lady up in SW Montana but it’s only been through words with friends! lol

I have a Hoyt Vortec I’d give you if that would help your cause. It’s an '01 version and I’ve changed bows. Nothing wrong with it, just wanted something new. You know how bowhunters get! A lot of times the only thing wrong is our minds!!!

Anywho, my new out of state hunting trip has been to Mo.
Been going up there for a couple years, this will make three. Public land but they have better deer than where I hunt in Ms. Also go back to a ranch in Victoria, Tx. from time to time, mostly to visit the owner bc he’s an awesome man and also to see all the animals. It’s a bow only ranch. Has exotics, hogs and deer.

#3 in Texas blackbuck


Nice pic. I have never even seen a blackbuck in the field.

Yea, I wouldn’t mind getting the bow. My income is kind of limited on disability. My old bow was a Jennings T-Star 2, you want to talk about old ! I got that bow new in 1984 ! It has shot it’s share of whitetails and a couple turkeys as well as that elk. It is just too old now and I need to get something a little more reliable and faster. Last time I hunted with it, I had a buck jump when he heard the string and I missed him clean.

Have to figure a way to get in contact with you. Looks like you are in MS, I am in north central TX (near Dallas)



Oh man I’m so jealous of all the hunting pics! @Beans @Buck3 @TxGrowman I haven’t had the time to get out this year and it’s killing me!! The only meat I will eat is meat taken by my own hand, so I need a deer for the freezer! It’s my 3rd year hunting, and only 1 doe on my belt. I could make excuses as to why I only took 1 doe so far, but it’s only because I haven’t put in the effort. It makes me want to hit it hard though when I see you guys in the tree stand, that’s one of my favorite places to be. So peaceful and relaxing. It’s the perfect time to appreciate the beauty in life.



Well I wondered where you had been! lol Knew I hadn’t seen ya in the forum at all. @bob31 and a few other guys helped me with a grow this year, check out my entry in BOM. Anyways, always good to hear from ya, hope all is well.
@TxGrowman - we’ll figure something out. I wish they had chat in the forum but I guess they have their reasons. The bow I’m talking about is the one in the pic. Very dependable, I love the rest, it’s a muzzy Zero Effect. Don’t think they make them anymore.
I have family in Paris tx., that’s where my moms from and where I was born, sounds like a perfect excuse to go visit family again!!!


Very nice @Beans! I see we both share the same taste in bows. I love my Hoyt!


They still make that rest @Beans. I used to use one on my older Hoyt and I changed to a Trophy Taker drop away. Trophy Taker is alot easier to tune. Muzzy zero won’t work on the Hoyt I have now…it has reverse rollers in place of the rod and slide.


Thanks @Buck3 yeah I loved that Vortec. I hit the end of a piece of square tubing with my cam as it rolled through the shot one day shootin at a hog. This was in Texas at the ranch. We had been patterning the axis and this is what I was really going for but once the hogs come the corn is gone and hunts pretty much over. Long story short, the bow shop down there said they could order a cam, it’d take two weeks. Felt like I was in “O Brother Where art Tho!” So I bought a Hoyt Factor, never got in sync with it. Took it back to my guy in Ms. who was a Hoyt dealer and said Hoyt was getting aggressive with their bows. I agreed. He fixed the cam on my old bow and I sold the Factor to a friend. I need a more forgiving bow. Two years ago I switched to a Prime by G5. I really like it.

Took this one up in Mo. with it.


I had Sichuan frog and it was awesome


I’ve had my Hoyt CRX32 for 6 seasons now. It’s been a good one. Forgiving and accurate. I just get new strings and cables every 2 or 3 years. It will be due a new set next year. That’s a nice buck you got there!


Good job buck


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Ain’t nothing like a ribeye…with a big tater and draft beer!


I’m about four hours or so from there. Nice area with some good riding for the Harley.