What's Your (Other) Hobby?


I’m in Tree Ninja mode today!


That’s funny as hell! I’ve wanted to do that with a Sasquatch outfit!




See anything @Beans I haven’t hunted in a few years. I’m starting to get the itch again


Me and @70sChick both bowhunt. We also turkey hunt and fish and I do some trapping for coyotes


My other hobbie…love them bullfrogs


@bob31 when I took this picture I was actually giving a doe that “I thought I smoked” a little time to expire. Shot right under her and smacked a root! Gotta get me some more lighted nocs!
Went this morning and heard one behind me - froze and was waiting for it to get in view- saw some squirrels and thought that’s what I heard and let my guard down and moved a little. SNORT!!!
And now, I’m back up in a tree sweating my,well,its hot!!! lol 53 this morning, 83 right now.

I’ve got this one behind my house but he’s been eluding everyone for a couple years!
I’ve started hunting up in Mo. the past couple years with a friend I made in the oilfield. They’ve got a lot better deer than we do down here in the 'sip.

@Buck3 & @70sChick that’s awesome! Deer, squirrel, turkey (sometimes) they piss me off! lol fish for most everything in the south. Love me some frog legs but there’s not a lot of em around me.


Missouri is well known for their bucks. I grew up in southern Ohio I have heard that they are now getting some really good racks there and southern Indiana as well.

Has the CWD run it’s Course? I know that was a big issues a few years back. @beans


Not 100% sure on the CWD. My buddy has talked about the Black Tongue getting a lot of deer up there. Yeah Midwest is where it’s at!
I’m dying to go out west for an elk and a muley. Elk first!!


I forget what parts of the country we’re affected by chronic wasting disease was devastating herds wherever it spread to. I think they finally linked it to ticks or fleas or something I forget now.

How often do you get out around home?


Not :100:on what you mean by get out? I’m out of the oilfield so I’m home every night now. I do most of my hunting at a lease I’m a member of and give these deer around the house a break since my dad doesn’t really hunt the lease anymore. Dads got 240 acres and I just have 20 that joins him but no timber on mine.


Sorry. I meant how often do you get out in the stand? How often do you hunt. The season up this way are pretty short…


NP, season here runs from Oct. 1 to Jan 31. Too long in my opinion. Try to get out as much as I can although the lack of big deer lowers my drive a little. Back in '09 before I went into the the oilfield there were more deer here than what I’m seeing now.


@Beans our bow season opens this weekend but temps in the 80s we’re just gonna check stands and scout some. It’s a long deer season here so no rush.


This is my real passion…old school, no decoys



Tree hanger!!!

I got a four bearded rio with my bow while I was in Texas working. Wasn’t much of a challenge with the numbers on the ranch.

And I also shot a 7 point earlier. Thought it was a little bigger but it was getting dark and buck fever set in.


Nice mounts!


Hey gang, I wish I had some pic’s of my favorite hobby, duck hunting. Growing up along the beaches of N.J. Me and my hunting buddies have traveled inland for wood ducks and black ducks. Backout at the coast for Canadian and snow geese with just about all kinds of ducks native to the east coast. Those from Maine will know about the next two ducks I mention, the Eiders and harlequins! We only see these two when the weather is bitter cold and we have ice in the Bay Area. Back in the 80’s I worked in a taxidermy buissiness in Colo. After several years there, I went back East and did taxidermy out of my garage while managing a fast food rest. I hunted when I could, and raised long tailed parakeets from Austrailia. I had quite a collection of parrots and when I sold out in 2008 because of my health, I had a nice sum for Christmas. Everybody got what they wanted that year. Lol. Now in my old age I enjoy good food and good pot! I find growing indoors can be daunting. Outside it grew like a weed, no pun intended? Mike


So, aside from all varieties of gardening, my most notable hobbies are strategy board and card gaming (Scythe, Catan, Ascension, etc), which isn’t an interesting photo topic, and photography. I do all kinds of photography - nature, landscape, macro, abstract, journalistic, street, architecture, event, portrait, etc. I was looking for samples to share and finally had to stop myself. I’ve been doing this for 15+ yrs and I’ve accumulated a huge portfolio. For privacy, I’m skipping portraiture. Im also skipping journalistic because most of it is extremely politically charged. Anyway, enjoy.


Ridiculous coincidence that I just put this same shirt on this morning.