What's Your (Other) Hobby?


You aren’t listening @ntmaremach you don’t need guns here…


Guns,guns,guns,luckily our house was spared from the flooding we just had from Hurricane Harvey,so my uncle and I will be spending most of the day helping out loved ones and neighbors, but tommoro were taking out our judge nightcourt s,and going hunting for cotton mouths,their Going to be bad with all the water pushing them everywhere…


That looks like my bathroom cabinet
Except every thing would have to be stainless steel


IMG_0340[quote=“bob31, post:302, topic:7245”]
You aren’t listening @ntmaremach you don’t need guns here…
@bob31 shame on you! A Chinese made AK47?
If you’re gonna play with a junky POS AK at least get an Israeli Galil I mean seriously !!!


I hear ya on the back thing
Me too
Total of 16 screws 3 plates 2 rods with 3 discs relaced under the knife.
No pills for m buddy just ma herb man!
Layin great beads by the way


Hope it is cool that posted a couple of my "other hobbies.
Cool fun lil chop I built…Bakked and my first veggie garden.
Love everyones pics and dialogue
So far no dirt bads here very cool lil comunity
And this is the only form of social networking I have because it is difficult to find good quality people with quality content and my fav…quality buds


Sorry about the for sale sign not fishin for buyers
Sorry didnt realize that was in the pics


Don’t leave us hanging dude give up the run down on the scooter


82 Ironhead (AMF)
1000 cc
Stroked crane cams
Dyna tec ignition
1972 Super b deep throat carb
I built the bars, pipes, fender strut and all the fabrication and paint


I built the seat pan and my upholstery guy at work did the seat cushion


Think the bars measured like 13" end to end or shorter cant remember
Split lanes alllll day loooong…


Awesome @Growit cool scooter
Luv those ol Iron Heads


Thanks brother
I was gonna sell it due to my back issues
My bro want to sell me his 94 FXR-P
Crazy fast big twin
But I am having a hard time parting with the lil lane splitter so I am gonna keep it
My bro will hold the fxr for me till I have the cash so thats cool


A P-FXR is probably the best handling HD ever made
Now that HD has dropped the Dyna line prices will only go up


I know man it is just a meeeeen bike man total torque monster


Can I ask you a growing q?
I started a new thread on it but no answers yet.


Sure anything


@Growit ,that’s just what I had done a few months back, exactly what you have.


Music and food and helping people if I didn’t already say that


Was just looking over the old posts. There was a river in New York state that flowed north too. The Genesee River that ends in Lake Ontario starts in the mountains in Pennsylvania. It was carved out of the same glaciers that made the Great Lakes.

Another glacier made set of lakes called “The Finger Lakes” have some of the nicest fishing in the entire state for salmon, Northern Pike and many species of trout. Some of the biggest whitetails I have ever seen grew on the banks of that those lakes. Many times a year we would get an ambulance call for someone destroying their cars by hitting a deer.

Hope you are well after all the Hurricane Irma damage. :man_farmer::motorcycle: