What's Your (Other) Hobby?


@Neckred lmao :joy: that safety is about as aggravating as a politician
I fixed mine the day I bought it 10 years ago
Mine is a 1050 with the 26hp Kolher Vtwin engine
The oil filter is the same size as the one Harley Davidson uses on it’s motorcycles but shorter and much less efficient
Use the HD filter and full synthetic engine oil 20w50
I know that’s not what the book calls for but it’s much better for the engine


@nugs please start a thread on how you make that! I love wine, and only the fruit wines!



Hard to beat a Kohler ,kolher, how ever it is ,they tough.
Not saying you wasnt correct that’s what my dumb pad said🙊


I barely can spell my own name if it looks good to spell check I go with it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No wonder everyone here is such good growers, there is a lot of talent here !


My other hobby is DIY e-liquid. I quit smoking cigs about 3 1/2 years ago and switched to vaping. Saved my life. I learned, much like what I’m doing here, how to do it, perfected my technique over the years and even owned a juice company for a bit. If anyone is interested, it’s very easy and inexpensive to do. @Hogmaster has a recipe thread where I laid out my technique and dropped a few of my best recipes.


@SilentHippie and chance you or @hogmaster could tag me to that post please?


I’d love to…just not sure how. Help? I think I did with my original post


I have been right along on that thread since the beginning, but I don’t see where you posted in it though? To tag someone you just put the @ before their username like

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@SilentHippie I am still trying to find the topic you described and I quoted. If you could post the link to where you posted the recipes I’d appreciate it! Or make a new post in that specific topic and tag me.


Can someone help me understand the question?

I find enjoyment in whatever I do but some things are higher priority due to financial reasons


Well I started the thread a while back because we were getting to have a larger regular crowd and all we talked about was growing. After a bit, in a group of regulars friends, you just start repeating yourself with I watered today, time to repot, test was x today, etc. so this gave us something to talk about while our crops grew.


I still need to figger out how to get a piece of that redwood table top I can paint a bob Ross scene on from @garrigan62 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Redwood table top? I’d like to see that. We just got back from vacation out west. Went to Sequoia NP. Very humbling. Big a$$ trees!


@Beans , now that’s what you call a tree.lol


Darn, is that one of those tree huggers. LOL I’d love to go and see those up close.


They say it’s salmon tha makes that forest grow so good. The forest soil is mostly made of dead salmon and the remains of what eats salmon up there.


Not sure if it’s a hobby,but last year during hunting season,I got one of my daughter’s Slipknot mask she had for halloween,a blue nomex suit and a machete,and went to my uncles land where we hunt at and snuck up to his trail camera and stood in front of it…lol…few days later he calls and says,Bubba,you should be carefull out there and to check my camera often…he was so serious,I was in stitches laughing so hard…lol


Here’s one of my other hobbies.