What's Your (Other) Hobby?


Wow again. And I thought my Audi Bang and Olfson system sounded good. I can only imagine what comes out of those puppies!




How many back windows have you replaced?


Zero Lol. Look my trucks up on youtube DG MOTORING Denali and Hummer on 30s.


Really??? Your just not cranking it loud enough then. @Dr.DankThumb420


Sick man. Gangsta style! Love it. Nothing like my Q5. I feel inferior now :slight_smile:


Truck was in 2008 SEMA show


Nope, I don’t have those problems lol :wink:


Italian leather Italian suede on the inside.


Trucks built for it. It’s The Chicken Hawk :wink:


Beautiful truck buddy.


Thanks. Whats everyone else rollin on? I got a few toys


2015 Q5 3 Liter. I have the Bang & Olufsen system in it (14 speakers, 10 amplifiers, 505 watts). Sounds great but I suspect nothing like yours!


2014 gmc Acadia. Need it to fit all 4 kids. And the hockey gear and stroler and ya. And a Mitsubishi outlander. No pics it’s 4 am here now.


That’s pretty damn good! Do you do shows and sell stuff?


When modern life gets too stressy and my plants aren’t growing fast enough, I like to get into my time machine and go back to 17th century Holland. Life was easier (though a bit shorter) than and art was truly art.


Also a huge Game of Thrones fan


I’m guessing that’s the Lowell mills, or that general area? …nice blood moon! :thumbsup:


Awsome! Definitely jelly! …and now that I saw the picture I’m thinking how long it’s been since I’ve seen a palm tree … going to be 4 degrees here Thursday :disappointed_relieved:


my best friend from school hits the sema shows… Liquid Trends, featuring ARC Audio… he hits audio competitions all year round,…dude always comes away from every show with trophies…

I live a little vicariously through him because I was the one who got him into audio and taught him the basics way back,… now he does amazing work.