What's your longest?

Hey fellow farmers! Question what’s the longest it has taken for a germed seed to pop dirt??? Mine 6 days almost gave up on her. She did great G.Glue auto 3 1/4 oz. Dry.

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5 or 6 days is as long as I’ve experienced too. I put my beans directly in FFHF in a solo cup.


I paper towel till split . into FF H F with added per lite .some next day got three now on day 4 ??

Hate waiting when you can’t see what’s going on under the dirt​:dizzy_face::roll_eyes:!!!

I had a Northern Lights that took 8 days! I also go from water soak to dirt. Crazy little bean sprouted a tail in about 18 hours. But was reluctant to emerge. Doing great now.


Wow thanks for feedback!!

25 days during a germination test.

Keep in mind, in nature the seeds go into the ground at the end of the growing season, and the stimulation of germination has multiple factors. Seeds that germinate too easily won’t survive.


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I used the wet paper towel method for starting. I checked after 24 hours and most were cracking through the seed case. I let them go another 24 hours and all were open with most having a nice tail, I planted them into Pro Mix from the local gardening store and 24 hours later 6 of my 10 had broken the soil surface. After another 24 hours all were showing green above the surface. Total time from first wetting the seed to showing green, 4 days and 100% germ rate. I might experiment sometime with planting seed straight to the ground but I do like the control with the babies early on.


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