Whats YOUR ideal grow setup?

Next year I intend to completely rebuild my grow setup to make it better, well… as good I
As I can afford.

That got me thinking, if I didn’t have a budget what would I do?? What would you do???

In the interest of simplicity here are the categories for discussion…

How many plants you need to grow max??

What lights??

What ventilatiin??

Tent or room?

Soil, coco, hydro, etc…

Other… controllers, timers etc…

Anything else to add??

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Thats mine, I know simple minds have simple needs😊

Few of you guys get us started. @Bulldognuts @Hellraiser. @dbrn32 @SKORPION. @Myfriendis410 @Cannabian

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Eventually I wanna redo my out building it like 12 x 24. Then it’s got a 12 x 16 cellar I would make my seedling room. Who knows one day my state might go legal and I could get a commercial license and do it legal.

that would be my dream. Just grow bud and sell it

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I’m limited on space currently. Hopefully I will be able to dedicate a entire room to build a grow room, not sure when that is going to happen. Here’s my current setup.

How many plants you need to grow max?? I can currently grow up to 6. Prefer to do 4 max.

What lights?? I have 2 DIY PLC Photo Boost Strip lights. Each one can light 2x4 space corner to corner. I also have 2 BudgetLed 260w Series 2 Rspec board lights. I’m currently using them as supplemental side lights.

What ventilatiin?? I have 2 AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S6 for intake and exhaust.

Tent or room? 4x8 tent

Soil, coco, hydro, etc… I use a 50/50 mixture of FF OF and FF Coco Loco.

Other… controllers, timers etc…I use a Inkbird controller for humidifier, and a basic manual set timer for lights

Anything else to add?? I use Aircare whole house humidifier, GE portable AC unit to cool tent. I also run a 18 inch oscillating pedestal fan. I keep a ceramic oscillating tower heater in tent during winter to make sure that temperatures never drop below 70 degrees.

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Niiiiiiiiiccce. No bs just growin weed… :+1:

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Climate controlled greenhouse with automatic bkackout. Full organics with an aquaponic tank for thermal mas heat generation for winter ops.
Full blackout for lights on in winter to keep light pollution under wraps. Dark outside is good nobody should be seeing a welding operation from 20 miles away! Oh and 20 foot cieling height for sativas. That would mean I could give them the 10 months they need to be full grown. Also, I want it bug enough to support enough veggies to keep my family in farm fresh all winter. Not too much to ask right?

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My ideal space would be
4x8 for flowering.
4x4 veg and flowering
3x3 veg
Two 1x3 areas for propagation/transition from clone to veg.

Climate control would I would use a designated mini-split.

AC Infinity 12” for exhaust from both larger tents.

Heat recovery system for venting outside and warm/cool incoming air.

My outside space would be a lot larger. But probably would involve a greenhouse.

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Bruh!!! Why do I feel like you have forgotten more about growing bud than I’m gonna learn in a lifetime! Darn impressive. Thats why your on my short list when I have a problem

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thanks but my specialty isnt problem solving, its avoiding them in the first place. I use the kiss method. I try not to complicate anything. Put seed in good soil, water seed, grow plant till light and temperature good outside… plant in good soil, grow till ripe, cut down, dry, cure, and smoke. It doesnt get any more basic than that. I tried liquid hydro, grows great but seems too easy to have a catastrophe… makes great tomatoes!
Did kratky, makes great lettuce, did coco… not a fan. I stick with what is easy and low maintenance. I let nature do as much work as possible, in short Im a lazy mu fu.
The other bruthas and sistas here are mighty fine growers and far better indoor operaters. Ive done my share of helping with clandestine indoor grows but I have never actually flowered weed in my own home as the wifey is not partial to the odor de cannabis in le casa.

oh perhaps the knowledge Ive gained over the years is a mix from my work too, I have been an arborist for many years. Plants, trees and shrubs operate pretty much the same way. Perhaps its why I like to let nature do the majority of the work, shes amazing at it!

Yea, the arborist thing is what I’m talking about. Don’t get me wrong, I grow fire as weed, big ol indoor trees. Never a complaint. But im a very specialized grower who knows my strains in detail. I don’t just grow it, when I start a new strain I study and perfect it with the understanding it might take 3 grows of screwing up to learn it well enough to do it well.

You on the other hand have a studied and fundamental knowledge developed by years of study. A master of a craft if you will. Im an electrical engineer and master electrician, that’s where I thrive, you are an arborist, a master of things that grow, flower and fruit. There is a huge difference between you and I as growers. Much respect.

Now I understand your cannadian and too nice to take a compliment but ill tell you same thing I do my beloved dogs… sit still, be quiet and let me pet ya… well at least pet your ego a bit…lol

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ok then, thank you… appreciate the compliment and will be happy to help if I can, that is if you need it :laughing:. But honestly I think the best thing about this place is the fact that collectively we can all work together to solve issues. There is much value in that. We all bring a thing to this place.

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Hey @Covertgrower Ive noticed a trend with indoor growers, yall give floor space but very seldom cieling height. I guess its because we naturally assume an 8 foot cieling? Not bashing, it was just an observation that Ive noticed on many threads. I find myself needing to ask cieling height a lot.
I built my garage with the hopeful intent to grow some weed in there because my wife does not like the smell if dank in the house. I specifically designed it with 10 foot cielings and told her it was for the boat! Well Im selling the boat :laughing:

" Im an electrical engineer and master electrician" Cant really be a Master Grower without making your light’s. You can make a better light than you can buy.

Use a net indoors to maximize you lighting, so every plants waste high.

The reason is artificial lighting doesn’t have the same penetration and coverage as the sun does. When grown indoors, artificial lighting you’ll need to keep the plants a little shorter. You’ll veg less and flip sooner.
Personally after my plants have finished the stretch usually end up between 3-4ft. I also typically grow more sativa dominant plants, but usually have a few indica in there. I prop them up, or I let them ride. My lighting still does a great job at penetrating down that far. #cobnugs
Last reason smaller plants but more of them, is that you can veg for a short time, and flip faster and make up the time difference on plant cycles. Instead of vegging for an extended period of time.
Just some thoughts. @Cannabian

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Good thoughts for sure! My thoughts with higher ceiling is that if I want to run tables to keep the work off the ground and to assist drainage that would be cool. Plus with higher wattage fixtures in a higher density coverage you may not be able to get as good a penetration as the sun but you can still grow a 6 or 7 foot plant without too much difficulty.
I plan to install a 200 amp service in my garage, so power shouldnt be an issue.

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Yea, that’s true to a degree. But truth is I work in high power. Think powerplants and macro generators. Its a different set of daily use skills. EE is a biiiiiig field. I haven’t dealt with circuitry in a long time☺ id actually have to brush up tbh.

I’m sure you studied history at some point in school, studied about ww1 for example. 39 years later you don’t remember all the generals.

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