Whats your favourite 🧀?

Hi Guys,

just curious as I am planning to grow a wide selection of :cheese: from all over the world to find my favourites.

My personal favourite so far is the Royal Cheese from RQS (very fast and easy growing, easy trimming, yield is good and stable, awesome in flavour, most liked of what I have grown so far… almost everyones favourite) but I want to try out some more. I am also growing the Blue Cheese from them but it is not done yet. All I can say is it grows quite a recognizable lot slower than the Royal Cheese.

I was thinking about getting some Exodus Cheese (maybe even Exodus Cheese x Durban Panama or Exodus x Swaziland) from Greenhouse Seeds next as I have made good experience with others of their strains in the past.

Which is your favourites and why? Anything you really want to recommend? But sooner or later I will get them all anyway, I hope :sweat_smile:

Have a nice day/evening


After the cream cheese myself from seedsman :+1::kangaroo:

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I’ve had Swiss Cheese (Seedsman) and 00 Cheese from 00 seeds. The Swiss Cheese was better IMO and would grow it.

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Blue Cheese. The unctuous odor and peppy lepe skunks ass taste. :+1:

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Hey cheese lady! @blackthumbbetty
Head Cheese is my favorite. Very heady, stoney high, nice thick taste to it.