What's Your Favourite Strain to Smoke & Why


What’s Your Favourite Strain to Smoke & Why

Hey everyone i thought id start a friendly thread about peoples favourite strains to smoke.


I really like the purple kush. Nice relax and let’s me sleep later. Just putting some sweet amnesia up to cure. Real nice head lift. Just had couple tester nugs of to try so should be a lot better when finished. :crossed_fingers:
Peace @GreenCoat. Happy growing. :v:


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Thanks @Oldguy :metal: nice


I like different strains for different times of the day. I’m a fan of “Blue” strains. I also like a good Haze or Kush too. I like too many to list, but I’m a fan of the fruit flavor and aroma strains :v::bear:


My favourites (so far) for flavor are sour diesel and Grape Ape.
For effect, I have not narrowed down a favorite :no_mouth::smirk:


I like sativas for the day and indicas for night. I just harvested a purple kush and that thing is killer for night time.


Blue Dream is my new favorite. The taste is phenomenal & it gives a very uplifting, energetic high.


I’m a newbie and have only grown Black Widow feminized photo in my two grows. so I’m gonna have to say I’m partial to bw lol.


I’ve only had a few known strains so far. I can’t say I disliked any of them but like @MattyBear said different ones for different times of day. And although I haven’t disliked any one I’m not really in love with any either. But I tend to like the skunky or diesel smelling ones best so far.

Both the super skunk from ILGM (thanks to @Haildamaged) and the bloody skunk I grew are definitely at my top so far.


Gf is green crack and mine i would have to say would be bluedream lol but we will see after harvest.


I think white rhino gives me the best mental happiness :upside_down_face: