What's Your Favourite Strain to Smoke & Why


Cant really say my favorite yet but back in the day i got some stuff for 25 a half oz and damn was it good bright green smelled lije christmas trees and got u really good but im sure the purple haze im growing now will b my favorite


So far Blue Dream is still my all-time favorite. There’s some real close runner-ups but Blue Dream really has it all for me too. Have a nice morning


So far my general favorite is blueberry. I love the buzz and the flavor. My daytime favorite is Amnesia Haze. Great creative head high and a very energetic buzz. Taste is good but its not my favorite flavor wise. I’m anxious to try some new strains and we’ll see which ones I favor in the future.


I would say AK-47 and the Skywalker OG I grew last. AK for pain and Skywalker just for the high! Have a Northern Lights plant going now with about 10 budding sites on it now. Is very short in stature but is spreading out really nice !


I’m old but new at growing and don’t have a clue. I bought the Patriot Pkg. from ILGM and planted 2@ of Sour Diesel, AK-47 and Bubble Gum. I have only one Bubble Gum germinate and 2 others I am about to give up on. The other plants are 2 weeks old and no sign of Bubble Gum 2 & 3. Have 2 more seeds but don’t want to try them now as they would be close to 3 weeks by the time they germinated if at all. All the other seeds popped right up in 4 days. I know ILGM will replace them but I want to give them a chance of life. When I get a favorite I will tell you for sure. Thanks for asking.


How do you vaporize and what is a good vaporizer. I don’t smoke reg. tobacco so I know nothing about anything.


DaVinci Vaporizers works fine for me for almost 3 years now, no real complaints but its best not to drop one.


Thank you, I will check it out. I am looking for something that won’t make me cough.


I set the temperature @ 365F any higher can ;depending on when I vape, cause me to cough and splutter.
Its a good brand and comes with a 2 year guarantee …youtube has great davinci vaporizer flicks.


My favorite is green crack. Got some from a caregiver when I first moved to Maine and lost his number, haven’t been able to find any as good as his since. I’m going to try my hand at it next grow


I have used both Fire Fly 2 and PAX 3 vaporizers with dried flowers; Fire Fly 2 convection vaporizer good for connoisseur wanting best taste and stealth, however, it must be kept pretty clean and one must not be scared to take it part now and again, I found video on youtube; PAX 3 a conduction vaporizer easier to use and maintain in comparison, not as tasty vapor though. Lately, I use the Fire Fly 2 only when vaporizing concentrates, use PAX 3 for buds.


I looked at tons of vapes and went with the boundless cfv it’s the only small portable pocket sized 100% true convection the rest are hybrids pretty much.
The airis are good but I don’t want a glass tube because they break.

Got mine for under 200$ Canadian after LOTS of research. Battery’s not super long but good enough.

Everyone sais their strain here but doesn’t say what they use it for or what it tastes /feels like.
I like to relax my mind because my mind races all dya everyday and strong sativas make my OCD get bad and then I waste my time organizing towels or alighing chairs or something stupid lol


Back in the day when break dancing was hot :hot_face: we’d all get together and smoke a little pot. didn’t know for a fact if she had a name, but everybody that rocked her called her the same SKUNK. Stinky & green, we’d laugh for hours and realized the green had super powers.


All I’ve smoked was bagseed stuff growing blueberry now but she’s still a toddler


Trust me your couldnt talk me into buying bluedream if i had aaaaannny other choce il n the world to each is own but yea update on the blue berry muffins is super fire

read the leafly on it its spot on


Any of you guys use a dynavap? I am thinking of getting one just looking for input.


I’ve got a nice batch of grandaddy purple that’s givin’ me the giggles something real good :grin:


Mario carts Rock. Also check out Select brand vapes…excellent product.


Got a half from my buddy, it was Colorado outdoor…tasty ass bud, very potent!


im not the only one